• How-To

    Media Hosting With Cake

    CAKE now offers a media hosting feature that enables clients to manage their creative media with ease.

    You now have the option to:

    Download linked images
    Host creative media files in a cloud environment, whenever creative files are uploaded.

  • How-To

    How To Handle International Offers In Cake!

    Cake has a clever and efficient way of handling International Offers. If you have an International Offer that shares the same Creatives, the setup listed below will allow you to accomplish the following:

    Provide your Advertiser with only ONE Conversion Pixel
    Provide your Affiliate with only ONE Tracking Link
    Create only ONE offer in Cake

  • How-To

    How To Get The Most Out Of Your Training

    Networks, Advertisers and Affiliate Marketing companies all have one thing in common; they love transitioning to a new tracking platform as much as they love hitting themselves with a hammer. Changing tracking platforms ensues immense anxiety and fear. If worrying about losing traffic, contacts, creatives and time doesn't kill you, learning an entirely new system just might push you over the edge. That is, unless, you're training with Cake.