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The Value of API’s

What is an API?

API stands for “Application Program Interface,” which indicates a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. They are used to access information from databases or take certain actions outside of a user interface.


In CAKE, API’s are used by our clients to access data from their instance without logging in. CAKE also offers external API’s, including; advertiser, affiliate and buyer API’s which allows these users to obtain and update data without logging into their portals. For example, an Advertiser might want to pull a list of offers and assets including offer ID, offer name, vertical, conversion pixel and test link. Similarly, buyers might want to use an API to return leads to the CAKE client without logging into the buyer portal.

Leveraging API’s

CAKE has multiple categories of API’s, with Affiliate Signup and Reporting being the most commonly used. The Affiliate signup API is used to connect custom signup forms with CAKE to add Advertisers and Affiliates to their instance as they signup. Reporting API’s pull reports out of CAKE. There are currently 20 reporting API’s that clients can use and they generally include more data points (although not data) than the UI since everything has a corresponding database ID that you normally don’t see in the user interface. Please note that CAKE does not have any API’s to pull data in from other sources.

Some of CAKE‘s clients have even leveraged API’s to create a custom dashboard tailored to how they want to view their data! For example, a handful of clients are leveraging the Report Affiliate API’s to build a performance comparison dashboard, which gives them an instant visual to view performance.

If you are looking to learn more regarding leveraging API’s please reach out to your Client Success Manager!