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    Using CAKE’s Voucher Codes for Clickless Tracking

    As an affiliate marketer, the best way to accurately track and measure your campaign performance is to use tracking links and postback URLs. By leveraging these tracking capabilities, the CAKE platform enables you to track a consumer’s click and conversion on a digital marketing campaign and attribute it back to the traffic source. But what

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    Don’t Just Measure the Ad, Measure the Journey

    Leverage Attribution: The Whole is Greater than the Sum of Its Parts

    For anyone who buys, sells or has any kind of stake in the world of digital advertising, a headline like "We Have No Idea if Online Ads Work" is certainly something you notice. This recent Slate column focuses on a much talked about eBay study that essentially came to the conclusion that search ads offer no measurable benefit for well-known brands.

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    Attribution: It’s All About the Journey

    When it comes to performance-based marketing attribution, understanding the end-to-end customer journey is key. Digital marketers need to be able to capture every touch point, from first click to final sale, so that they can create a commission model that rewards the most valuable affiliates.