CAKE Services

CAKE’s professional services are designed to help you maximize your results.

CAKE Professional Services

CAKE offers a full suite of onboarding and training, consulting and technical services to guide you every step of the way. Whether you’re new to CAKE or have been with us for a while and are in need of a custom solution or looking to optimize your use, we would love to help you achieve your goals.

Available Services

  • Managed Services

    Leverage CAKE experts to increase your operational bandwidth by assisting with system configuration and campaign setup.

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  • Professional Services

    Work alongside a dedicated solution engineer to complete projects and create custom solutions for your business.

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  • Training Services

    Learn from CAKE experts, advance your skills and knowledge, and optimize program performance and efficiencies.

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Achieve Marketing Goals with Performance Consulting

Get strategic guidance and learn best practices for setting up and using CAKE to grow traffic, increase profit margins and achieve your performance marketing goals.

Receive Guidance on Integrations with Technical Consulting

Get technical guidance on CAKE API best practices and instruction on integrating CAKE with other third-party platforms used by your business.

Increase operational bandwidth with Managed Services

Leverage a dedicated Solution Engineer to work alongside you and your team to complete custom projects within CAKE, such as system configuration, setting up partners and campaigns, and much more.

Build tools specifically for your business with Professional Services.

Design and build the custom API-based solutions and integrations your business needs to succeed, e.g. conversion reconciliation, invoicing, and more.

Build skills and validate expertise with CAKE Training and Certification.

Get employees up to speed and put your CAKE knowledge to the test with a training and certification program that ensures you and your team are CAKE experts.

Great Commitment, Great Support…

Some common projects
we help with are:

  • Getting new employees up to speed
  • Configuring CAKE system and campaigns
  • Building custom API integrations
  • Creating CSV Editors built on CAKE API
  • Assessing your use of CAKE to identify areas of opportunity

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