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A reliable affiliate marketing solution to measure, manage and optimize partner campaigns for the highest performance.

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See Clearly, Partner Better.

Trusted by more than 500 advertisers, networks and publishers across 50+ countries, CAKE’s Affiliate Marketing Software ensures accurate measurement, data security and unrivaled support to attract new partners and build profitable relationships.

Elevate Performance through Smart Insights

Optimize your affiliate marketing program through real-time insights into partner and campaign performance, customizable alerts, granular data and unique commission structures to reward partners.

Maximize Traffic and Increase Profit Margins

Leverage custom targeting parameters such as location, device, browser, traffic caps and redirects for real-time monetization of traffic and ensure accurate measurement for each impression, click and conversion for proper revenue and payout attribution.

Safeguard Your Business with Intelligent Scaling and Enterprise Reliability

Protect your business and partner relationships with 99.9% uptime guarantees on our global infrastructure hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and seamlessly grow your marketing program on CAKE with intelligent scaling across new verticals and flexible click volumes.

Ensure Success, Support Your Team with Ours

Gain access to industry-leading phone and email technical support; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in addition to a dedicated Client Success Manager and Implementation Specialist for best practices and industry advice.

Remove Risk and Maintain Affiliate Program Credibility

Take immediate action on revenue-impacting fraud with pixel whitelisting and custom alerts that recognize abnormal campaign behavior and unrealistic conversion timeframe thresholds.

Protect Data and Eliminate Privacy Concerns

Ensure data security and privacy with ongoing GDPR efforts in addition to a clear set of policies and procedures outlined in our Type 1 SOC 2 report to safeguard customer data.

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Additional Capabilities

  • CAKE Pay

    CAKE Pay simplifies and streamlines partner payments and tax document production so you can focus on what you do best – running a profitable performance marketing program.

  • White-labeled Interface

    Customize the platform with your brand name, logos and color scheme, as well as the login domain, tracking domain(s) and more.

  • Scalable and Reliable

    99.9% uptime guarantees and a global infrastructure hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) for intelligent scaling to meet business needs.

  • Superior Support

    Get industry-leading phone and email support; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in addition to your dedicated Client Success Manager and Implementation Specialist.

  • Data Security

    Ensure data security and privacy with ongoing GDPR efforts in addition to a clear set of policies and procedures outlined in our Type 1 SOC 2 report to safeguard our customers’ data.

  • Real-time Reporting

    Visualize reports, export data to a CSV file, S3 or access via API in real-time.

  • Account Control

    Customize user and department permissions as well as roles access controls.

  • Customizable Reporting

    Create custom metric calculations and additional reporting views with the option to share custom views across the organization.

  • Powerful Open API

    Make changes through flexible internal automation tools and allow programmatic ingestion of reporting data.

  • Flexible and Customizable

    Take advantage of years of customer-driven affiliate marketing software development that has led to a flexible and robust solution.

  • Custom Targeting

    Go beyond location and device targeting with redirect rules for A/B testing, fraud detection, referring source and more.

  • Location Targeting

    Target campaigns by language and location, including particular countries, regions and even cities, through the geo-targeting database.

  • Device Targeting

    Target any device, ISP carrier, operating system or browser in real-time by leveraging a massive and continually-updated device database.

  • Pixel and Postback Management

    Simplify workflow by allowing administrators and affiliates to control pixels and postbacks within virtually any network or platform in real-time.

  • Event Tracking

    Go beyond measuring a single revenue-generating event and identify interactions along the customer journey.

  • Tagging

    Simplify grouping and reporting on thousands of campaigns and enable managers to target offers towards specific affiliates.

  • Fraud Prevention

    Take immediate action on revenue-impacting fraud with pixel whitelisting and custom alerts that recognize abnormal campaign behavior.

  • Click and Conversion Caps

    Set click and conversion caps on offers, affiliates and campaigns and receive alerts when a cap is approaching or has been met. Easily monetize post-cap traffic with CAKE's powerful campaign redirect strategy.

  • Affiliate and Advertiser API

    Give your affiliates and advertisers the power to automate their own workflow through powerful two-way APIs for reporting, campaign details and more.

  • Mobile Measurement

    Track mobile campaigns with postback integrations to leading mobile measurement platforms, or utilize CAKE's iOS or Android SDK.

  • Impression Tracking

    Increase campaign measurement by simply adding an impression pixel to any HTML email or banner creative, or take it to the next level with ad server integrations.

  • Enhanced Email Communication

    Update affiliates and advertisers regularly with customized email templates that utilize text, HTML and attachments.

  • Pixel Whitelisting

    Create and manage a custom conversion pixel whitelist that protects your company from fraud in cases where server-to-server tracking is possible.

  • Detailed Compliance Reports

    Keep track of when an advertiser updates suppression files and when affiliates download them, all within one centralized report.

  • Referral Rewards

    Reward existing affiliates for recruiting new publishers using a commission-based incentive program with customizable timeframes and payment models, including profit shares, revenue percentages or a simple flat fee.

  • Affiliate Signup

    Utilize our hosted white-labeled signup form and application review process to onboard new partners or create your own process with our signup APIs.

  • Offer Contracts

    Easily manage alternate landing pages, targeting rules, payout tiers, caps and more within a single offer for improved efficiency and accuracy.

  • Ecommerce-ready

    Understand every level of Ecommerce campaign performance through product-based tracking and reporting, and provide product catalogs for your partners via the affiliate portal.

  • Voucher Code Support

    Measure and attribute online or offline sales using unique voucher codes for your partners and/or campaigns.

  • 3rd-Party Integrations

    Easily integrate with Quickbooks, Anura, Dialogtech, Unsubcentral, Optizmo, Ezepo, BriteVerify, Neustar, Tipalti and many others.

  • Audit Trail and History

    Track all changes made by account managers and system administrators to help identify who made changes and understand why changes were made.

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More than 500 of the world’s most successful advertisers, networks and publishers build their business on CAKE.

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