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CAKE's Technology Partners help customers get ramped up quickly. With the technical know-how to integrate their solutions with your CAKE digital marketing hub, our technology partners can greatly reduce the time it takes to bring their solutions online for your performance marketing business.

  • integration
  • integrationAppThis is an international mobile ad tech company delivering app installs and mobile traffic solutions worldwide.
  • integrationLink your account to handle payments through your Lead Generation Buyer Portal.
  • integrationBannerFlow is an easy-to-use platform that allows you to build HTML5, video, rich media and feed banner ads without code.
  • integrationRun Bing pay-per-click ads through CAKE and let CAKE pull click performance and costs for channel comparison.
  • integrationValidate emails collected through CAKE using Briteverify to ensure emails never bounce.
  • integrationCallTrackingMetrics allows you to track phone calls and conversions back to an exact advertisement and distribute calls across networks with advanced routing options.
  • integrationDialogtech is the maker of LeadFlow, the easiest-to-use, most advanced phone lead routing and attribution solution for lead gen agencies and affiliate marketers.
  • integrationAccess real-time risk scoring for leads, tagging bots and bogus information with over 600 built-in test and validation tools.
  • integrationAutomatically track and deliver unsubscribe lists to affiliates/publishers directly through CAKE for total email compliance.
  • integrationTrack Facebook Campaign performance within CAKE for channel comparison and spend optimization.
  • provides datafeed services to publishers.
  • integrationDetermine fraud risk in real-time using Forensiq to validate conversions through CAKE.
  • integrationRun Google pay-per-click ads through CAKE and let CAKE pull click performance and costs for channel comparison.
  • integrationManage your inbound calls and conversions from these calls through CAKE.
  • integrationKochava is a leading mobile attribution and analytics platform, with all the right features to be the only partner you’ll need.
  • integrationTrack the performance of the traffic generated from your nurture campaigns.
  • integrationValidate leads routed through CAKE using Neustar customer intelligence.
  • integrationEffectively monetize your traffic in a plug and play fashion.
  • integrationDeliver your unsubscribe list to affiliates/publishers from Optizmo directly through CAKE.
  • integrationOffer weekly payments to your affiliates using Payability’s platform and capital.
  • integrationEnable cross-border payments to your Affiliates and Publishers directly from CAKE using Payoneer.
  • is a global ad-tech company, specializing in personalized monetization solutions and mobile application distribution.
  • integration
  • integration

    Directly import advertiser and affiliate billing from CAKE into Quickbooks.
  • integrationReachDynamics' email retargeting allows Advertisers to send a message directly to the inbox of an anonymous bounced visitor.
  • integrationAdd CAKE conversion and ecommerce pixels quickly to your web properties using Tealium.
  • integrationPay your affiliates in their own currency by wire, check or PayPal with Tipalti.
  • integrationUnsubCentral is the industry leader in email opt out management, helping Fortune 1000 retailers, affiliate networks and publishers remain compliant while running successful email campaigns.
  • integrationUpSellit reduces site abandonment by providing targeted customer recovery solutions that leverage on-site and email remarketing technologies.
  • integrationTrack traffic to your YouTube videos and let CAKE pull details about user-engagement.

All the technology integrations you can handle

CAKE’s Technology Partners bring the latest advances in digital marketing technology right to your fingertips. Forged with some of the most widely recognized names in digital marketing technology in the world, our partnerships greatly expand the capabilities of our digital marketing hub through:

  • Fraud detection and data quality assurance

    Fight fraud and ensure the quality of leads, clicks and affiliate referrals through robust, easy to implement JavaScript tags that support all major tag management platforms

  • Marketing automation software

    Combine software and tactics to nurture prospects with personalized content that will turn prospects into customers

  • Consumer engagement marketing

    Quickly and easily deliver dialogues that are more relevant and engaging by using marketing tech to track behavior and automatically serve up relevant conversations

  • Loyalty marketing program management solutions

    Grow and retain existing customers through incentives that can be easily managed through the use of technology

  • Pay per call management software

    Optimize your pay per call campaigns to ensure you are spending marketing dollars on the channels that are driving customer calls

  • Payment Solutions

    Automatically pay affiliates based on set-it-and-forget-it models that run behind the scenes, increasing affiliate loyalty and the efficiency of your affiliate marketing program

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