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CAKE Feature Spotlight: Internal Redirect

With CAKE, you have the ability to set expiration dates and caps on Offers and Campaigns. When these caps are met, traffic follows CAKE’s Redirect Strategy. However, CAKE users can employ the Internal Redirect functionality to automatically create a new Campaign for an Offer Contract that is tied to the original Offer.

In a previous blog we focused on the value of Rules-based Targeting and how this feature is effective, especially when used in parallel with Offer Contracts. In the performance marketing industry it is fairly common to have several versions of an offer and there are many reasons for having these variations. The most common reasons for using Offer Contracts are different geo-targeting needs, price formats and offer links for split testing ­purposes.

Often times, as an Advertiser or Network, you may want an Affiliate to have the ability to drive traffic to a different Offer Contract once a cap has already been met or the Campaign has expired on the default Offer. This is where the Internal Redirect functionality plays an important role. When enabled, the Internal Redirect allows users to redirect traffic within the same Offer. Let’s take a look at an example:

-Network A wants to redirect their affiliate’s traffic to a CPA Version of Offer A, but only after the cap has been reached on the affiliate’s CPC Campaign. To achieve this, Network A will need to create a CPA Offer Contract on Offer A where the default Offer Contract is CPC. Network A also needs to make sure that the CPC Offer Contract is hidden so there won’t be direct traffic for that price format. By default, “Paid Redirects” is enabled which means that CAKE will auto-create a campaign for the affiliate if one doesn’t already exist for the offer contract, and the affiliate will receive payment if the redirect results in a conversion.

If you would like to learn more about the Internal Redirect function in CAKE, please reach out to your dedicated Client Success Manager!