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CAKE Feature Spotlight: Rules-based Targeting

Co-authored with Ayca Miller

Networks and Advertisers have a wide variety of offers and often times some of these offers target a very specific audience. When your audience is more specific than simple country-based geo-targeting, you will want to leverage the Rules Targeting feature within CAKE.

By utilizing Rules Targeting in CAKE, you are actively redirecting users to the landing pages designed specifically for them. This results in better optimization for clients’ campaigns and greater business and return on investment with regards to marketing spend. A few examples of granular targeting for an offer are by device, location, and even percentage split testing.

Rules Targeting is especially effective when used in conjunction with Offer Contracts. Let’s look at an example of Rules Targeting’s effectiveness for a mobile offer for Fandango. The client running this offer should set up a rule on the default offer that directs desktop traffic to an Offer Contract that has a link for Fandango and is not mobile specific. This would be a rule with the “rule target” set to operating system. Traffic that is mobile would continue to funnel through to the default offer, while desktop traffic will be redirected to the intended Offer Contract.

In CAKE you have the ability to make a rule shared, which makes it easier to apply on future offers. If it’s a common one this is good practice, however please remember that if you edit a shared rule at any time, the rule is edited for all other offers it has been applied to.

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of targets you can pinpoint using rules based targeting. Some of our clients use it to target bot traffic, while others want to test success rates for different landing pages. If you are interested in learning more about how Rules Targeting can benefit you and your business, please contact your Client Success Manager.  For information on how to setup Rules Targeting, check out our Knowledge Base article on this feature!