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Performance Marketing Glossary (InfoGraphic)

The Performance Marketing industry, also known as Affiliate Marketing, is a dynamic world with a language of its own. The vocabulary used to describe the unique nuances of this business space is not always widely or easily understood. Even common terms can have various meanings, depending on who you are talking to. It can even seem that the term, Performance Marketing itself needs to be properly defined.

Such language variations can make it difficult for a marketer to enter the space let alone understand how to optimize their digital campaigns.  Our Performance Marketing Glossary infographic should get these buzzwords cleared up and get you on your way to creating high-performing digital campaigns.

Let’s start with this:

  • per-for-man-ce  mark-et-ing / per-fawr-muh ns, mahr-ki-ting / An advertising model that allows advertisers to pay a fixed dollar amount for a specified result.





Need a quick and handy reference of important Performance Marketing terms? Bookmark this glossary for easy access.

If you’re ready to get started with Performance Marketing, learn how the CAKE solution can help you achieve your digital goals.