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CAKE – Affiliate Marketing Success Stories

affiliate marketing success stories

A powerful performance marketing platform, CAKE has proven to deliver results as demonstrated in these affiliate marketing success stories.

The following highlights companies, from a broad range of vertical industries across the globe, that continue to achieve growth while leveraging CAKE to meet their affiliate marketing and lead distribution needs.

So, if you’re looking to generate more revenue with your performance marketing programs, check out how these organizations leveraged CAKE to increase quality network traffic, strengthen partner relationships, streamline efficiencies, and more.


Revenue Ads

Online marketing agency and performance marketing network boosts traffic quality by 20 percent with CAKE

Revenue Ads is a specialized global media agency dedicated to their clients’ interests and the pursuit of their goals. Working on a global scale, Revenue Ads helps advertisers distribute their performance marketing campaigns and gives its networks of affiliates the tools and support they need to be successful.

“Since making the switch to CAKE, we have been able to eliminate traffic that is not backing out. As a result, our traffic quality has increased and our advertiser relations have grown even stronger.”

Matt Stowe, President

Business impact:

  • Increased network traffic quality by 20 percent
  • Improved network credibility
  • Strengthened ROI for advertisers and increased profitability for affiliates
  • Reduced cost and improved business success


Atlantic Coast Media Group

Marketer of premium beauty products manages, measures, and optimizes affiliate campaigns for multiple global brands on CAKE’s performance marketing platform

Atlantic Coast Media Group (ACMG) develops and markets a broad range of iconic beauty products that deliver results for more than 10 million customers worldwide. A pioneer in 360 degree marketing since 2005, ACMG uses a variety of approaches to engage with consumers and increase awareness and loyalty for its brands, which include Hydroxatone, Keranique, Luminique, and Miracle Skin Transformer.

“Leveraging CAKE has allowed us to get richer and more granular insight into the performance of our affiliate program,” “Our previous tracking solution lacked accuracy and wasn’t able to capture many of the precise metrics that we needed. With CAKE, we can drill down into each affiliate-driven transaction and see what device was used, which browser, the type of credit card, and more. This really helps us get a more complete picture of what works and what doesn’t, and better predict the lifetime value of the customers that our affiliates are funneling to our brands.”

Atlantic Coast Media Group

Business impact:

  • Improved real-time decision-making
  • More accurate insight into affiliate program performance
  • Predictive intelligence on lifetime customer value



CashKaro uses CAKE to manage and measure performance of affiliate campaigns for a growing list of ecommerce partners

Based in India, CashKaro is India’s largest cashback and coupons site. With more than two million registered users, CashKaro is a one-stop destination for online savings, serving as an affiliate partner to 1,500+ ecommerce providers – including sites like, Flipkart, Paytm, etc. CashKaro earns commissions in exchange for promoting offers and products. A portion of the commissions is then shared with the site’s members in the form of cashback. CashKaro’s aim is to drive high-quality traffic to its partners’ ecommerce sites and to offer its millions of members coupons and savings on a wide range of products.

“CAKE gives us the insight and capabilities required to optimize each and every campaign we are running and ultimately drive maximum return on adspend for our clients and more savings for our members.”

Venera Rohan Bhargava, Co-Founder

Business impact:

  • Improved tracking accuracy
  • Insights that drive better decisions
  • Easy management of multiple ecommerce partner relationships
  • Improved traffic quality for advertiser clients and higher returns for site members


Surge Logics

Growing digital advertising agency boosts ROI by integrating its affiliate marketing and lead distribution on a centralized platform

Surge Logics is a full-service digital advertising agency, with a call center that specializes in lead generation, inbound and outbound call intake, e-retainer services, landing-page optimization, and the development of marketing strategies.

“By streamlining our affiliate and lead distribution programs on CAKE, we are armed with significantly better insights into campaign performance and the ability to maximize profitability. This empowers us to provide our clients with the best leads at the best prices, helping them drive and expand their businesses.”

Carter Matzinger, President

Business impact:

  • Improved ROI
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Increased efficiencies, saving valuable resources and time
  • Maximized profitability with intelligent lead monetization

To get the full scoop on our affiliate marketing success stories visit our resource center here. Ready to get started with CAKE? Reach out to our team.