CAKE delivers a dynamic range of features, including advanced cross-channel tracking, multi-touch attribution, as well as the ability to seamlessly integrate with partners and automate incoming commissions for CashKaro.


Based in India, CashKaro is a one-stop destination for online savings, where shoppers have access to the double benefit of retail coupons plus the ability to earn cash back on their purchases. Serving as an affiliate partner to a number of ecommerce providers – including sites like, Flipkart and Myntra – CashKaro earns commissions in exchange for promoting offers and products. A portion of the commissions are then shared with the site’s members in the form of cash back. CashKaro’s aim is to drive high-quality traffic to its partners’ ecommerce sites and to offer its millions of members coupons and savings on a wide range of products.


Industry: Online Publisher, Coupon and Cashback

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CashKaro serves two main constituencies: its advertiser clients, who are seeking to boost sales of their products, and its members, who come to the site for coupons and savings. To ensure that both of these groups secure value out of their relationship with CashKaro, the publisher needs to be able to accurately track the performance of multiple offers, across multiple marketing channels – including display, social, search, mobile and more – for a diverse array of products. CashKaro needed a solution for tracking, as well as technology to help manage its relationships with hundreds of ecommerce clients. The challenge was finding a platform advanced enough to capture granular customer journey metrics like clicks, installs, conversions and other actions in real-time, plus flexible enough to be compatible with a range of channels, clients and payout structures.


After considering a number of vendors, CashKaro selected CAKE’s SaaS platform. The decision was driven by CAKE’s ability to deliver a dynamic range of features, including advanced cross-channel tracking, multi-touch attribution, as well as the ability to seamlessly integrate with partners and automate incoming commissions.

“CAKE has helped us overcome many of the challenges involved in keeping tabs on campaign performance, in real-time, for a diverse array of clients and product categories,” said Qaisar Farooq, Manager, Operations and CRM at CashKaro. “It’s especially helpful to be able to use the same tracking link to monitor transactions across different web and mobile platforms, as well as automate essential management tasks like adding new clients and tracking commission payouts.”

Thanks to CAKE, Farooq and his team can quickly assess what’s happening with the campaigns that are running on the CashKaro site, and make adjustments if necessary. This real-time window into performance ultimately helps ensure more profitable transactions for CashKaro’s advertiser clients and more income from commissions that the publisher can pay back to its site members.

“CAKE gives us the insight and capabilities required to optimize each and every campaign we are running and ultimately drive maximum return on adspend for our clients and more savings for our members.”

Venera Rohan Bhargava


Business Impact
  • Improved tracking accuracy
  • Insights that drive better decisions
  • Easy management of multiple ecommerce partner relationships
  • Improved traffic quality for advertiser clients and higher returns for site members
  • Seamless integrations with clients’ technology
  • Reliable, real-time metrics across multiple channels, partners and campaigns
  • Intuitive tools for the management of partner relationships, campaigns and different payout structures
  • Top-quality support from the CAKE customer service team