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Agency maximizes ROI by integrating lead distribution & affiliate management on CAKE


Surge Logics is a full-service digital advertising agency, with a call center that specializes in lead generation, inbound and outbound call intake, e-retainer services, landing-page optimization, and the development of marketing strategies. Driving and increasing business for publishers and advertisers, the company brings a deep understanding of how to create revenue from incentive, non-incentive, PPC (pay per click), CPC (cost per click), CPM (cost per mille), email marketing, Facebook advertising, and traditional affiliate marketing models.

Focusing on the legal industry (in the mass tort sector), Surge Logics offers full-loop visibility into how leads perform with the end goal of providing higher quality leads for attorneys. Services offered include campaign building and reporting, call intake and e-retainer services, plus the management of real-time responses regarding traffic flow for maximum profitability and lower-cost retained clients.

Surge Logics

digital advertising, lead generation, inbound/outbound lead intake

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Surge Logics had been using two separate platforms – one to manage its affiliate program and another to handle its lead distribution program. This posed challenges. Campaign data was being gathered, but from an administrative standpoint it was time-consuming and expensive to piece all the information together. Additionally, visibility into the lead acquisition funnel was fragmented.

The company also needed to be agile. It can get very expensive with leads selling for $60-$300 each and spending $200K+ a week in digital spend. So, Surge Logics required a solution that delivers access to real-time insights, enabling them to be on top of campaign performance, and to act fast.

In summary, Surge Logics aimed to find a scalable and reliable solution that would enable them to maximize profitability by:

  • Streamlining its lead distribution and affiliate management programs
  • Easily managing and accurately measuring campaigns across multiple digital marketing channels
  • Quickly and efficiently optimizing campaign performance
  • Monitoring lead quality in real-time by leveraging information from their custom CRM

After carefully evaluating the capabilities and benefits of several solutions, Surge Logics decided to integrate its lead distribution and affiliate programs on a single platform – CAKE.

Surge Logics’s successful lead distribution program was already being fueled by CAKE’s software that captures, validates, and distributes leads in real-time.

The company chose to also measure and manage its affiliate program with CAKE’s solution. This strategic decision was not only driven by the benefits of using a single platform, but also CAKE’s superior, comprehensive set of affiliate marketing capabilities. For example, CAKE offers more account control and granular data with the ability to measure and manage campaigns by affiliate sub IDs; which was not the case with the previous affiliate solution used by Surge Logics.

“CAKE delivers clarity on data insights so we can now easily answer ‘what’s going on?’,” said Carter Matzinger, President at Surge Logics. “It’s a lot more convenient to have one dashboard where we can see lead status, real-time campaign performance, unique commission structures, and more. With the API working with our CRM we have visibility into the full-loop, from when a lead enters CAKE to getting an update from our CRM after the lead has been called. Overall, CAKE helps us effectively manage, measure, and optimize campaigns that enable us to achieve our goal of providing high-quality leads to attorneys and maximizing profitability.”

CAKE is the only solution that offers lead distribution, affiliate management, and multichannel measurement on a single, centralized platform. Managing supply and demand partners, and unifying all data points in one platform delivers key advantages that drives higher profitability for Surge Logics:

  • Increased efficiencies – Since CAKE handles lead distribution and affiliate management natively, Surge Logics does not need to license separate software systems. This removes the administrative burden of integrating the solutions safely and securely, without configuration. The company saves resources and time, allowing them to focus on campaign performance and maximizing ROI.
  • End-to-end view of the lead acquisition funnel – CAKE’s closed-loop reporting enables Surge Logics with insights into each step of its lead acquisition funnel and to answer questions such as where was the lead acquired, where and how much was a lead sold for, etc. For example, Surge Logics’ call center reports on the status of leads – such as rejected, not qualified, parameters – which is cast back into CAKE, combining all data points in one platform.
  • Agile action – With CAKE, Surge Logics can make intelligent, data-driven decisions and quickly respond to changes based on the type of traffic they’re getting in real-time. “Managing affiliates and structuring payouts with affiliates can get complex, quickly,” said Matzinger. “That’s why we monitor traffic in real-time and post back status updates from our CRM into CAKE daily. When the bad lead ratio becomes too high on a good traffic source it allows us to give them feedback on well-performing verticals, ads, and targeting to help our end clients get the best and lowest price possible for retained cases.”

The efficiencies and insights delivered by CAKE empowers Surge Logics to sell leads at very competitive prices because they can quickly determine what’s working or not with its affiliate campaigns and lead distribution. This means that attorneys receive more value – they secure high-quality leads, for a competitive cost.

“By streamlining our affiliate and lead distribution programs on CAKE, we are armed with significantly better insights into campaign performance and the ability to maximize profitability. This empowers us to provide our clients with the best leads at the best prices, helping them drive and expand their businesses.”

Carter Matzinger
President at Surge Logics

Business Impact
  • Improved ROI
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Increased efficiencies, saving valuable resources and time
  • Maximized profitability with intelligent lead monetization
  • Single platform to manage, measure, and optimize lead distribution and affiliate campaign performance in real-time
  • Real-time, actionable insights
  • Closed-loop measurement and reporting
  • Powerful, industry-leading affiliate marketing and lead distribution capabilities