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City Level Targeting for Location-Based Offers


For powerful advertisers and networks with affiliate marketing programs, granular targeting is of the utmost importance when it comes to campaign management and optimization. Basic targeting such as location, device, language, demographics, etc. should already be implemented for all, if not a majority of, campaigns to ensure an optimal user experience as well as higher conversion rates for the advertiser. For a long time, location targeting referred to Country and State only. However, some campaigns require much more control over the traffic that is allowed to an offer, so CAKE now provides clients with city level targeting.

Advertisers often run specific promotions or offers to areas that are only available in that region. This could be a sale taking place at a local warehouse, a discount on transportation services, or a soft opening of a restaurant down the street. For these cases, the advertiser may want to redirect users in the area of the promotion to a predetermined landing page that gives the potential consumer details on how to claim the offer specific to their location.

When marketing to such a directed group of users, a technology that can support granular targeting and campaign control with real-time reporting is an absolute must. IP Address targeting is often used by location databases for targeting. This provides a great deal of accuracy as these databases are constantly updated, certifying your traffic is optimized for the highest quality and top conversion rates by reaching an accurate audience. This type of functionality allows you to be sure that your marketing dollars are being spent on the right audience seeing the right message.

CAKE’s performance marketing software supports powerful tracking links coupled with the largest and most up to date location database to provide its advertisers and affiliate marketing networks with the tools they need for powerful, granular and accurate campaign management for high-quality traffic.

To learn more about the ease of implementation for city level targeting within CAKE, please visit our knowledge base article on location targeting.