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A Better Mobile User Experience with Deferred Deep Linking

If you own an Ecommerce App or run traffic to mobile offers, you might be interested in a CAKE feature called Deferred Deep Linking. When enabled, this feature provides the ability to direct a user to a specific view within a mobile app after downloading the app from the App Store.

A typical user journey for a customer clicking on a mobile app offer could be as follows:

  1. The user clicks on an offer link from their phone.
  2. If they do not already have the app which hosts the offer installed, they are taken directly to the App Store for download.
  3. Once they download and open the app, the customer will then need to search for the product that peaked their interest in the first place.

As you can imagine, this type of user experience results in the possibility of losing the customer’s interest, and in turn the loss of a conversion. Enter Deferred Deep Linking. With Deferred Deep Linking enabled, the customer will immediately be redirected to the product that resulted in the app download; thus resulting in a higher conversion rate.

For example, let’s say that you are on your phone and you see a Facebook Ad for a pair of shoes from the Zappos mobile app. You click on the ad because you would like to buy those shoes. Since you don’t have the Zappos app installed on your phone, you are redirected to the app store to download it. With Deferred Linking, once you install and open the ticket, you will be redirected to the exact pair of shoes you were interested in purchasing.

Additionally, this feature can even be used to pass coupon codes or to provide a user with in-game money, or for fun promotions!

To learn more about Deferred Deep Linking and how to enable this feature and the requirements needed in order to do so, please check out our Knowledge Base article or contact your CAKE account manager.