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CAKE Feature Spotlight: CSV Reconciliation Tool

Oftentimes, CAKE clients need to update conversions in bulk, usually for changing the payout on conversions or dispositions. If it isn’t necessary to match the click to a conversion ID, clients can use CAKE’s Mass Adjustment tool to achieve this.

For clients needing to change a specific conversion or batch of conversions, they can use the CAKE API which allows for communication to their external systems. Those who do not have the bandwidth or resources to use the API can use a CAKE add-on feature called the CSV Reconciliation tool.

As long as you have a Conversion ID, Request ID, or Transaction ID, it is simple to use this tool to update disposition, payout or both for your conversions. An effective date will need to be selected as well as the Disposition, which can be “No Change” if you are just changing the payout. Inputting the data so that it can update is simple: There are two csv templates, depending on whether or not you are making an update to payouts. Once the file is uploading, you will see the data in the entry box, and when “save” is selected there will be a list of conversions with either a success or failure message.

Using the CSV Reconciliation tool can be extremely helpful in providing additional insight into your affiliates, since updates will be made by specific conversions, instead of just updating a number of conversions in bulk. We have found that it has helped numerous affiliates identify patterns in returned conversions thus allowing them to make adjustments to the traffic they are driving to those offers.

If you are interested in using the CSV Reconciliation tool or receiving a demo, please contact your dedicated Client Success Manager for more information. You may also refer to our Knowledge Base article for detailed instructions on how it works as well!