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In Good Company – Performance Marketing Software Reviews

Performance Marketing Software Reviews

Where do you start when looking to purchase a consumer product? If you’re like many, one of the first things is to check out customer reviews on sites such as Amazon, Angie’s List, Yelp, or TripAdvisor. This provides you with insights and ultimately helps make smart buying decisions.

The same holds true for business technology. With more than three trillion dollars spent annually on worldwide software and IT purchases, online customer reviews are just as important for business software purchase decisions. In fact, according to Capterra, 64 percent of software buyers want to read at least six reviews before making a buying decision.

At CAKE, we love reading performance marketing software reviews from our clients. We learn a lot – from what they like to areas that could use improvement.


Why you should care about performance marketing software reviews

If you’re a current CAKE customer, you may find new nuggets that could enhance your user experience and drive additional revenue for your business (Your client success manager can provide more details).

Or if you’re in the process of looking for performance marketing software, this is a great place to start your research and interact with a community of like-minded professionals through product reviews and peer discussions.

Below are some highlights of what advertisers, networks, and publishers are saying about our affiliate marketing, lead distribution, and multichannel marketing solutions.


Best-in-class customer service

  • “I made the best decision to work with CAKE when starting my business. Tracking and learning on any platform can be overwhelming at times just because there’s always a lot going on. Without the support I’ve received from each team member at CAKE I may not be where I’m at today. I have an AMAZING customer support manager who will go beyond the call of duty to help me if it’s an urgent situation.” – Lindsay R, Capterra, July 2019
  • “The most amazing thing about CAKE is their customer support. Haven’t seen any other company manage it the way they do.” – Alan G, G2 Crowd, January 2017
  • “I’ve been using the CAKE platform with prior companies for years, so I was ecstatic to be able to use it again. What I love most is the quick responses from all members of the Technical Support Team. If you have an issue or unsure about a feature, they don’t miss a beat to guide you!” – Laura F, Capterra, August 2019
  • “I think CAKE creates a good balance for inexperienced users to navigate and get things set up on a simplistic level. However, for those who are advanced users CAKE would not be complete without a killer support staff and client service team. These are the people that bring everything together and make for a great overall experience.” – Brian B, Capterra, June 2019
  • “Support, Support, Support – it’s all about that and CAKE knows exactly how to help us, Network Owners, to get to the next level!” – Alper E, G2 Crowd, October 2016


Enhanced visibility and unrivaled precision

  • “Very easy to use and user-friendly design. Customizable user roles and reporting capabilities are very helpful for controlling visibility across our company’s different team members.” – Nyklya M, Capterra, July 2019
  • “Before CAKE we were not able to correctly track our elaborate sales funnel. Now we can track every step of it in a very detailed way.” – Alan G, G2 Crowd, January 2017
  • “CAKE presents very detailed data about what we are looking for. I am able to filter and see the data in whichever way I need. I like that you are able to see data by phone type, medium, media, etc. Being able to login to the affiliate’s view is also helpful when troubleshooting issues.” – Isabel K, Capterra, July 2019
  • “I love that the reporting happens within the hour and you can even track the link where the conversion took place. Most affiliate platforms don’t have this technology, and that’s huge. I like how you can add tags to the affiliate or the offer. It’s a great way to organize and filter your client list. I think there’s a lot of great technology built into the platform, you can really boil down to the details.” – Jessica D, G2 Crowd, October 2016


Accurate, easy-to-access insights for scalability

  • “CAKE, in my opinion is the most user-friendly panel I’ve used in the last three years since entering the industry. Navigation and Reports are easy to read and thorough in reporting what information is necessary for me to do my job accurately. My advertisers appreciate accurate billings and my affiliates appreciate accurate payments. Invoicing and Billing are simplified and made much more accurate.” – Tracie J, G2 Crowd, February 2017
  • “Best affiliate and performance-based marketing tool available. Smart UX and Robust API for more advanced usage. We were solving for a scalable cost per lead tracking tool to manage a very large volume affiliate program. They had a much more reliable SLA vs competitors and it was great to eventually unify our cost per lead and cost per sale affiliate program tracking on one tracking platform.” – Monica O, G2 Crowd, October 2014
  • “I can integrate with 3rd parties and it is very easy to do, plus I can send my affiliates their tracking so I know that it matches up and there is no room for discrepancy. I like the ease of the reporting system.” – Julie K, Capterra, October 2018
  • “Invoicing and Billing are more accurate with the information we can access with CAKE’s tracking and reporting functions. With just a few clicks we can change periods or look at individual item tracking. While I’ve had wonderful training, it’s nice to be able to dig for details on my own and learn new things that help our advertisers and affiliates both!” – Katrina U, G2 Crowd, April 2017


Fueling business growth

  • “We had to get more web traffic but it needs to be good quality. CAKE helps us connect with lots of affiliates and still have the control, so we can increase our traffic for business growth.” – Mickey H, G2 Crowd, August 2016
  • “The software is designed for growing businesses.” – Alan G, G2 Crowd, January 2017
  • “The best thing about CAKE’s marketing tool is we can focus on revenue generation, instead of manual calculation…. CAKE is helping us find the proper way of technical usages in the tool. We needed more traffic and partners to increase the network and the business. It’s helping us to increase the business.” – Abdul A, G2 Crowd, January 2019
  • “It is truly one of the best products out there.” – CAKEwalk, G2 Crowd, February 2018

In today’s B2B marketplace, you can’t afford to ignore online reviews. To see more performance marketing software reviews, check out Capterra and G2 Crowd, where CAKE was recently recognized as a G2 Crowd “High Performer” for the sixth consecutive time.


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