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Path to the Future: CAKE Celebrates 10 Years of Progress and Innovation, and is Set for More to Come

CAKE Software

As we enter 2020, CAKE is thrilled to celebrate our 10-year anniversary.

Over the past decade, with all that has changed some things have remained the same at CAKE…. such as our mission to deliver trusted, innovative performance marketing solutions that create the best revenue opportunities for our customers worldwide.

In a year where we saw significant performance marketing change and growth, CAKE did too – from being acquired by Constellation Software, Inc. in June to evolving with the maturing industry landscape.

Something is taking place now that captures the excitement and passion of the industry’s evolution and inspires us to enthusiastically move forward with confidence. I’m so grateful for having the privilege to work with CAKE’s incredible, hard-working team that continually delivers industry-leading customer service coupled with best-in-class performance marketing software.

And we’re still making progress. However, there’s much more to be accomplished as CAKE continues to expand around the globe.

We wanted to share and reflect on some of the top highlights of 2019, with an optimistic view into the next decade and beyond as we welcome new opportunities, and take on new challenges.


New ownership = more opportunities and stability for CAKE and our customers

In June 2019, we were happy to announce CAKE’s acquisition by Constellation Software Inc., a $20+ billion international provider of market-leading software and services.

This new chapter for CAKE highlights the company’s continuation of stability and promises to bring more exciting things ahead with the new long-term investment.

Who is Constellation? The organization acquires, manages, and builds vertical market software businesses which provide specialized, mission-critical software solutions. With 125,000+ customers in more than a hundred countries and a proven track record of solid growth, Constellation has established a broad portfolio of software businesses to provide its customers and shareholders with exceptional returns.

CAKE is now part of Constellation’s portfolio. They saw the potential and excitement in our market, and with the CAKE acquisition, Constellation has ventured into the performance marketing technology space.

The partnership with CAKE marked Constellation’s first investment in our industry, with CAKE as the tip of the spear in this new vertical Constellation is targeting as a growth market.


Stable core of the healthy and growing performance marketing industry

While digital adspend worldwide is predicted to reach $435.83 billion in 2020, performance marketing also continues to climb. In fact, statistics show that affiliate revenue has been growing 10 percent each year since 2015 and this trend is expected to continue until 2021 and beyond.

There’s never been a better time to be in the dynamic performance marketing industry. And CAKE loves being in a strong position to continue empowering companies with innovative solutions and services. We are amazed by the success of our customer’s in 2019 as they expanded into new verticals, regions, and achieved record transaction volumes that hit hundreds of billions of consumer actions this past year.

Here at CAKE we’re always looking for ways to increase our customers’ growth and success. For example, CAKE is the only company that delivers affiliate marketing and lead distribution capabilities on a single platform. This enables affiliate networks to grow their business and increase profits by leveraging lead distribution capabilities on a single platform.


Customer-centric always and forever

Since our inception, we’ve embraced a truly customer-driven approach. And this is reflected in our strong customer ratings.

We intend to continue our tradition of delivering trusted technology and services driven by and for our clients, and are thrilled about the continued innovation the Constellation partnership will enable to drive our customers’ continued success.

Over the past decade, CAKE has onboarded thousands of customers and through that process gained a collective knowledge that none in the industry can match. It’s amazing to see clients running successful affiliate marketing, lead generation, multichannel marketing, ecommerce, and mobile programs all in one platform.

Moving forward, we remain committed to listening to our clients about how we can enhance CAKE to deliver the premium product the industry has grown to expect. For example, through customer feedback, we’ve learned what matters most to them, such as a focus on platform performance and reliability.

In the coming months, we are also rolling out a new customer program. The program is designed to further empower customers, share knowledge, and inspire continued innovation for performance and growth. As part of the program, a new customer portal will be launched that is specifically built as a forum where clients can shape product innovation and engage with other companies about how to best leverage the power of CAKE.


Dependable and secure – fully committed to privacy and compliance

CAKE takes extensive measures to protect our clients’ data, and to ensure that our enterprise-level platform and world-class infrastructure are both dependable and secure. We aim to provide data security and privacy. We continue to deliver on this commitment through ongoing General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) efforts and additional security regulations. For example, CAKE is Privacy Shield Certified, and the IAB Transparency Consent Framework is completed.

Additionally, we are currently focused on TYPE 2 SOC 2 and CCPA. CAKE has successfully completed its Type 1 Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Compliance audit. Based on the reporting principles developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), Type 1 SOC 2 Compliance provides a framework for organizations to document, obtain independent validation of, and publish their information security policies and procedures.


Looking forward to 2020 and beyond

At CAKE, we embrace our rich history and as our business has grown over the past 10 years, it’s been clear that our value is tied to the competitive advantage we bring to CAKE clients. CAKE’s performance marketing solution enables our clients to cultivate the most valuable partnerships and increase business profitability.

This is a very exciting time not only for CAKE, but the industry as a whole.

Constellation has a strong track record of acquiring and integrating companies with much success. The Constellation investment makes CAKE the largest performance marketing software vendor and sets the foundation for the latest Constellation target vertical – the performance marketing industry.

Thanks again to our customers and the CAKE team who make it all possible, interesting, and truly inspiring. We look forward to ushering in a new era of innovation and growth that elevates the performance marketing industry over the next decade and beyond.


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