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3 Reasons Why CAKE Has the Most Robust Lead Distribution Software

Robust Lead Distribution Software

As a performance marketer, lead generation is a big job. It can be overwhelming to manage multiple campaign details and connect the supply and demand sides of lead generation. You’re constantly aware of trying to keep partners happy, all while driving your organization towards profitability.

With so many moving parts, it’s difficult to stay on top of measurement. Unless you have a single, centralized platform to support your lead distribution efforts.

CAKE has the most robust lead distribution software on the market for performance marketing networks, publishers, and advertisers. Via its affiliate marketing solution and multichannel measurement, CAKE unifies supply- and demand-side management on a single platform and powers closed-loop measurement. By measuring the entire funnel in a single view, it ensures high-quality leads, happy partners, and program profitability.

This blog will discuss three reasons why CAKE has the most robust lead distribution software.


#1 CAKE natively integrates both affiliate management and lead distribution

CAKE is the only software available that delivers complete partner and campaign management for affiliates and lead buyers within a single solution. There’s no need for you to license separate affiliate marketing and lead distribution software systems or bring on other integration partners. Since CAKE handles this natively in the software, we remove the administrative burden so you can focus on maximizing profitability.

CAKE’s platform enables you to efficiently:


#2 CAKE provides powerful lead monetization

In addition to lead distribution capabilities, CAKE also provides powerful lead monetization tools to ensure you’re selling leads for the highest possible price.

The platform enables you to:

  • Prioritize and rank lead buyers — CAKE will always sell leads for the highest price, whether your buyers have a static or dynamic price per lead. However, you can manually prioritize the sale of leads by specifying each buyer’s rank.
  • Perform data-driven lead routing — CAKE calculates a perceived price of a lead sale based on recent buyer activity, ensuring a successful sale for the highest possible price.
  • Control margins — CAKE ensures you can make a percentage profit on the sale of your lead. This is especially helpful when used with CAKE’s affiliate marketing solution because you will know the exact acquisition costs and how much to sell it for in order to make a profit.


#3 Delivers closed-loop measurement

Because CAKE has created an integrated platform that handles affiliate marketing and lead generation campaigns, the platform excels at closed-loop measurement.

By managing both supply and demand partners, and combining all data points in one platform, CAKE delivers an end-to-end view into the lead acquisition funnel, including:

  • Where/who the lead was acquired from
  • Where the lead was sold to
  • How much it was sold for
  • If it was later returned for a certain reason
  • If the lead buyer sent any additional information about the lead post-sale

Armed with this insight from each step of the funnel, you can identify what is working best, refine your lead acquisition strategies accordingly, and optimize for increased ROI.


Lead distribution software in action

By leveraging CAKE’s lead distribution software, our customers know which buyers to prioritize when leads come from a certain supply partner/campaign and the profit margin they should be making on those leads.

With powerful data and measurement native to a single solution, they can better manage supply and demand chains, prioritize the buyer and affiliate relationship, and incentivize partners with premium prices.

For example, you may learn that Lead Buyer #1 is willing to pay 20 percent more for leads that came from Affiliate A’s campaign and that have specific lead criteria (e.g. the consumer’s region, demographics, etc.) You can then go back and increase budgets on that campaign to try to find more people who fit your buyer’s demand.


To learn more about how CAKE customer Lender Edge has successfully done this, read the customer story.


Here’s a 5-point checklist for finding the right lead distribution software

Looking for a lead distribution software that will work for you and your business? Use this checklist to evaluate your options.

Does the solution:

  1. Manage lead generation partner marketing campaigns?
  2. Automate the distribution of leads to demand-side partners according to their requirements and respective bids and budgets?
  3. Simplify lead monetization to ensure the highest profitability for your campaigns?
  4. Keep an accurate record of all costs and revenue generated?
  5. Provide closed-loop measurement of the lead supply and demand chain to identify optimization opportunities for future lead generation efforts?


To learn more about how CAKE can help you manage and measure your lead generation campaigns, contact us at info@getcake.com.


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