CAKE Powers LenderEDGE’s Lead Generation Platform for Lenders


LenderEDGE is a digital marketing provider that specializes in lead generation for businesses offering lending products and services. Backed by a network of affiliates and an in-house team with years of experience in the lending, credit and marketing industries, LenderEDGE is focused on quality, both in terms of the leads it delivers to clients and the buyers it matches with affiliate partners.


Industry: Finance

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As a lead generation business, LenderEDGE’s success depends on a reputation for providing its lender clients with high-quality leads, while simultaneously helping affiliate publishers boost the monetization of their traffic. Matching lenders with profitable leads is a detail-oriented enterprise, requiring an ability to closely track the performance of affiliate-driven traffic across multiple campaigns. This means more than simply attributing which lead came from which source:  LenderEDGE needed a more nuanced way to measure lead quality, so that lending clients were capturing the leads most likely to convert and fund.



LenderEDGE selected CAKE for Networks to power its growing business because of the platform’s automated ability to track, attribute and optimize lead generation traffic at a very granular level, across all client, affiliate and sub-affiliate relationships.


“Our clients care about quality. CAKE helps us capture the metrics that matter most, so that we can deliver traffic that truly performs.”

Randy Brown
Operations Manager – LenderEDGE


Using CAKE, LenderEDGE can run real-time reports that instantly show the performance and status of leads being purchased by clients, including which leads are resulting in loan applications, as well as which applications go on to be approved for funding and which are denied. With this insight, LenderEDGE can more tightly manage and control the quality of affiliate-driven traffic running through its network and continue to deliver leads that meet the specific qualifications demanded by its clients, even as its business grows.

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Business Impact
  • Platform to manage and scale business
  • Automated, granular tracking of lead status and performance
  • Enhanced decision making supported by real-time analytics and reporting
  • Real-time performance tracking across multiple client and affiliate relationships
  • Granular metrics that measure lead quality and status
  • Customized, at-a-glance reporting
  • Top-quality support and resources provided by CAKE customer service team