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5 Best Practices for Working with Your Lead Buyers on a Ping Post

Ping Post

As a lead distribution network or publisher, your success hinges on being flexible enough to work with a wide range of lead buyers that are using different technologies and have vastly different requirements.

If you’re constantly creating workarounds, chances are you’re missing out on lead revenue.

To increase your lead volume and scale your program, you need to streamline your ability to match the criteria and capabilities of every single lead buyer.

CAKE recognizes that every buyer is different, so we’ve built our lead distribution software to deliver the flexibility you need to power a lead generation program that meets buyers’ unique needs.

To drive the highest revenue for your leads, capture every revenue opportunity, and strengthen your relationship with lead buyers, implement these five practices built on CAKE’s robust ping post capabilities.


#1 Be flexible enough to work with any system

When working with various lead buyers across multiple verticals, your lead distribution capabilities need to be highly flexible to accommodate integrating with third-party systems, CAKE’s Ping Session ID and OAuth 2.0 support opens up more opportunities for the types of platforms you can successfully post leads to.

Additionally, Ping Post campaigns require detailed lead distribution logic to ensure leads are sold in real-time to the right lead buyer for the highest price. CAKE’s Dynamic Ping Post Responses enables buyers to send back unique responses to accept or deny the lead. Whether a buyer responds with “yes,” “OK,” or “1” (for a successful sale), CAKE correctly interprets the custom response.

Lead buyers are able to provide customized text for additional context to determine how to handle the lead. For example, “yes” means a successful direct sale, while “yes-1” means the lead sold to a marketplace.


#2 Sell leads for the highest price while keeping lead buyers happy

CAKE’s Ping Post functionality is ideally set up to give buyers a glimpse of the lead details from the form submission (e.g. lead’s zip code, salary range, case notes, etc.) without providing contact information. This allows buyers to say what they’re willing to pay for each lead depending on its content and quality. If you decide to sell it to them for their proposed amount, you can then post the lead to the buyer.

CAKE’s Dynamic Lead Prices ensure you make the profit margin you need, while also ensuring your buyer is happy (because they set the price).


#3 Personalize the consumer experience

CAKE’s Dynamic Landing Page URL enables your buyers to send the consumer to a custom thank-you page with a unique message once the lead is purchased. This ensures a unique and personalized customer experience, establishing a positive relationship between the lead buyer and the consumer right from the start.


#4 Ensure accurate reporting with buyers

CAKE’s Dynamic Buyer Lead ID allows each buyer to utilize their own Lead ID whenever they purchase a lead from a Ping Post campaign. Your buyer can simply send this ID to CAKE when they respond to purchase a lead, ensuring that both you and the buyer can easily locate that lead record if there’s a need for any troubleshooting or reconciliation.

More accurate and streamlined reporting between various systems means time savings for you and your buyers—another stepping stone for a successful, long-term partnership.


#5 Simplify reconciliation processes

CAKE simplifies reconciliation processes that are otherwise complicated.

Providing multiple CSV tools and APIs that can be used by you or your lead buyers if updates need to be made after the lead has sold. Whether it’s updating the lead status within the customer journey or returning the lead and zeroing out revenue and payouts amounts, CAKE makes it quick and easy to reconcile.

CAKE ensures that data is accurate, measurable, and can be used to optimize future sale activity with your lead buyers.


Flexibility drives growth

Don’t lose out on revenue opportunities because your ping post software isn’t flexible enough to accommodate other technologies.

Instead, make the choice to leverage flexible lead distribution software that helps you sell leads for the highest price possible, supports positive relationships with lead buyers, and does the heavy lifting so you can spend less time on workarounds and more time on scaling your lead generation program.


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