• Insights

    Influencer Marketing and Social Media: Best Metrics to Evaluate Success

    Influencer marketing leverages individuals outside of a company or brand’s marketing division to approach the larger audience. Influencers can range from prominent political figures and celebrities, to mommy bloggers or simply anyone that has a large online following. For this blog, we will focus on the best metrics to evaluate the marketing efforts of Influencers

  • CAKE News

    LeadsCon Las Vegas – Key Takeaways!

    Year after year, LeadsCon continues to bring together a professional, highly qualified and extremely knowledgeable crowd of lead generation firms and vertical media marketers. This year is no different. The CAKE team headed out to bustling New York City for the two-day conference where they met with leading companies from the finance, home improvement, education and insurance spaces.

  • How-To

    Cookie-Based Tracking or Server-to-Server?

    While postback (server to server) tracking is a much more reliable system that should be used wherever possible, there are still many affiliate systems that don’t support it. With that in mind we still need to support Cookie-based tracking to work with these affiliates.