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    In the News: Website Magazine Article on Real-Time Analytics

    Dave Stewart, CAKE's EVP of Technology, shares his insights in the Website Magazine byline article "The Importance of Real-Time Analytics: Drivers and Challenges for Digital Marketers."

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    eM+C: Understanding Mobile Engagement

    As the mobile channel evolves, advertisers are quickly recognizing that engagement is the new mantra for the most successful and profitable mobile app advertisers. In a recent eM+C article, Michael Wong outlines some key best practices for moving beyond downloads to measure and understand engagement.

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    Performance Marketing: Why 2014 Looks Set to Trump 2013

    In 2014, the performance marketing industry has experienced rapid growth and shows no sign of slowing down. This concept has sparked a real paradigm shift of late as more companies are realizing the value of performance-based solutions.

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    PerformanceIN: Mobile Performance Marketing

    Monitoring mobile marketing campaigns can be tricky. There is so much information to analyze, plus so many changing guidelines and restrictions on what methods can and cannot be used to track actions such as app installs, mobile user behaviors, etc. What is the best approach to capturing the insight most vital to understanding user engagement and the overall performance of mobile marketing campaigns?

    Find out here!

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    CAKE Makes Forbes “15 Marketing Softwares That Can Boost Your Business” List Today!

    Today is a good day...

    What an incredible achievement for CAKE as we made Forbes "15 Marketing Softwares That Can Boost Your Business" list!  With CAKE's accurate tracking technology and robust analytics, users are able to make real-time marketing decisions to help increase ROI and maximize efficiency. In an ever-evolving and innovative industry such as online advertising, finding a software solution that keeps you up to date on your marketing investments is of the utmost importance. Manage and control your campaigns at every level with total accuracy, 24/7 free support and uptime guarantees. Contact CAKE to learn more about powering your digital efforts!