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Product Update – New CAKE Features to Know

New CAKE Features 4Q 2022

We’ve been busy developing features that enhance affiliate relationships and save customers valuable time, while also building a powerful ecommerce integration that drives growth. Join us as we highlight all of the exciting features that landed in CAKE this quarter.

Simplify the affiliate experience: Custom campaign names visible in the affiliate portal

Create custom campaign names that override the Offer or Offer Contract default naming convention and display the custom names in the affiliate portal. This new feature ensures affiliates know the exact campaign to run and avoids sharing internal naming conventions with partners.

To take advantage of this feature today, navigate to the global settings and turn on the feature “show campaign name.”

Boost efficiencies: Redirect Parameter field on the campaign card

Save time and resources in how you generate affiliate links by using the Redirect Parameter field that now lives on the campaign card. The Redirect Parameter field allows users to type in a query string that is dynamically appended to the landing page URL. This process eliminates the need to build a running list of landing URLs that then need to be assigned to each individual affiliate.

System admins can turn on the Redirect Parameter field for individual roles by following these steps: Navigate to Cards > Campaign > Home tab > Info sub tab > Redirect Parameters.

Unlock ecommerce insights: Importing a Shopify product feed directly into CAKE

Leverage our new Shopify integration to import Shopify products into CAKE and enable SKU tracking which turns on SKU-level reporting. The ecommerce integration attributes shopping cart details with affiliate performance, tracks ecommerce campaigns and revenue, pays affiliates, and offers access to real-time performance insights. Interested in getting started with the integration? Contact your account manager.

We’d love to hear from you – Submit a feature idea

Join our exclusive customer community, the CAKE Idea Portal, where you can share your proposed feature ideas, upvote other community member ideas, and gain visibility into the features fueling the CAKE product roadmap. Sign up for the CAKE Idea Portal here.

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