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The Ultimate Guide on How to Sell Leads with Technology

Sell Leads

Sell leads for maximum profitability

Let’s face the ugly truth. The process of selling leads is not simple. Anyone who may have attempted to manually manage a lead distribution program can attest to this. The manual part doesn’t work. Yet, it is worth figuring out a better way (which actually doesn’t need to be hard) to make the most of lead revenue potential from your program

The process of capturing, validating, and selling leads in real-time involves an overwhelming amount of moving parts, along with a vast amount of customer and lead buyer data. Attempting to use spreadsheets or other manual tools to manage your lead distribution programs inevitably results in errors, wasted resources, unhappy partners, and ultimately lost revenue.

Thank goodness for technology. The right lead distribution platform delivers a tremendous advantage to maximize profitability. It enables you to efficiently and effectively automate your lead distribution program, whether it’s a new venture or the expansion of an existing one. 

The challenge is finding the technology solution that best meets your needs to manage your program, and ensure that you’re selling leads for the highest price, across a range of industries. 



Lead distribution technology “must haves”

We created a curated checklist of what a technology solution should enable you to accomplish to sell leads to the best buyer, at the best price.

  • Automate the distribution of leads: Route leads in real-time to demand-side partners according to their requirements and respective bids and budgets. 
  • Sell every lead for the highest possible price: Monetize lead traffic with advanced lead-selling tools (such as ping/post functionality and dynamic lead prices) to ensure every lead sold generates the highest possible price. 
  • Perform data-driven lead routing: Determine the perceived price of a lead sale based on recent buyer activity, ensuring a successful sale for the highest possible price. 
  • Control margins: Ensure you can earn a percentage profit on the sale of your lead. Know the exact acquisition costs and how much to sell it for in order to make a profit. 
  • Validate and enrich leads: Make sure the leads you sell to buyers will not be returned because of fraudulent data or low lead quality
  • Monitor and measure accurately: Keep an updated record of all results, including costs and revenue generated. 
  • Remove risk and maintain credibility: Protect data and eliminate privacy concerns to safeguard customer data.
  • Optimize customer acquisition strategies: Perform closed-loop measurement of the lead supply and demand chain to identify optimizations. 
  • Unify programs on a centralized platform: Streamline lead distribution and affiliate marketing partners and campaigns within a single solution to easily manage and optimize campaign performance. 


Interested in learning more about how to sell leads?

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