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CAKE Q3 Product Update: What’s New, What’s Next

Q3 Product Update

At CAKE, our goal is to deliver a product that meets and often exceeds customers’ business needs, so we welcome your contributions to our product roadmap. This is where the CAKE Idea Portal comes in. Our customer community can log in to the CAKE Idea Portal to share business challenges, provide suggested features, and vote on other customers’ ideas.

Here’s where it gets exciting. When features garner enough votes, this alerts CAKE’s product team to evaluate the feature to potentially add it into the product roadmap.

We’re thrilled to report that the CAKE Idea Portal continues to positively impact our product roadmap. Today we’re sharing all of the exciting features originating from the CAKE Idea Portal that went live in Q2 2022, plus what is rolling out this quarter and beyond!

Cake Idea Portal Update Q3 2022


What’s new: CAKE releases

Live features

  • Add a sub-affiliate in Mass Adjustment Tool: Save time by adding a sub-affiliate directly from the Mass Adjustment Tool.
  • CAKE iOS Mobile App filters: Streamline the CAKE iOS Mobile App reporting experience by saving preferred filters that can easily be applied to all reports. This enables users to simply toggle between reports and use the same filters.


What’s next: Status updates

Planned features

  • CAKE Android App: Leverage the app to measure the performance of campaigns and partners while on the go. The Android app will have the same features and functionality as the CAKE iOS Mobile App.
  • Dayparting: Assign different rates to conversions based on the time of the day or day of the week.
  • Postback/server-to-server integration with Facebook and TikTok: Leverage the new direct integrations for when you are buying your own media or working with partners to make direct server calls to TikTok or Facebook. Additionally, users can customize the integration experience by creating a server-to-server integration with any platform based on the credentials received on the inbound click. Users can also customize elements of the post itself.

In progress

  • CAKE iOS Mobile App tracking links: Create tracking links for affiliates directly from the CAKE iOS Mobile App.

Join the CAKE Idea Portal – Share your ideas

If you are interested in the CAKE Idea Portal, we’d love to have you join! Our customers’ engagement, upvotes, and proposed feature ideas are what drive the CAKE product roadmap.

To get started, contact your account manager or sign up here.

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