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CAKE Q2 Product Update: What’s New, What’s Next

Q2 CAKE Product Update

We’re highlighting the Q1 2022 product releases and new features coming to the CAKE platform this quarter. Since our Q4 product update, customers have submitted incredible ideas to the CAKE Idea Portal. The Product team has gone through each submission and we are excited to share the ideas that have been pushed live, those currently in planning, and status updates on existing feature releases.

Wondering what the CAKE Idea Portal is? In 2020, we announced the launch of our exclusive virtual community where customers can collectively share their unique business challenges and present solutions to these challenges. Other customers can then “upvote” the ideas they would like to see become CAKE features. Since 2020, the CAKE Product team continues to develop new features originating from customer ideas.

Cake Idea Portal

Now let’s dive into the latest product update. The video below highlights everything you need to know about the new features coming to CAKE:



What’s new in CAKE

Live features

  • “Credit added to Buyer” alert: Receive an alert when Buyers add more credits or prepayments to the integration in the Buyer Portal. This alert applies to CAKE Lead Distribution customers leveraging the integration and informs users that Buyers are actively engaged.
  • Filter by Offer: Filter by an offer within the Mass Adjustment Tool to easily find specific Campaigns.
  • CAKE iOS mobile app filters: Save and reset filters in the reports and grids to streamline your user experience with the CAKE Dashboard iOS mobile app.
    • Save filters: Save the preferred custom filters that will appear in each new session of the CAKE Dashboard iOS mobile app.
    • Reset filters: Revert to the default filters for the report view by clicking the “reset option” button.


What’s next: Status updates

Planned features

  • Sub ID character length extension: Extend the character length of the s1 Parameter from 50 characters to 400 and the s2-s5 Parameter from 100 characters to 400.
  • “Traffic by domain” report: View the traffic volume each domain receives. This report is part of a larger self-service domain initiative. Stay tuned for more details!

In progress

  • CAKE iOS Mobile App Tracking Links: Create tracking links for affiliates directly from the CAKE iOS Mobile App.
  • Dayparting: Schedule offers with “peak” and “off-peak” hours or days based on conversion price fluctuations.


Already a CAKE customer and interested in accessing the CAKE Idea Portal? Contact your account manager or sign up here.


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