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Using Campaign Targeting to Increase Conversion Rates

campaign targeting

As a performance marketer, one of your main priorities is to increase conversion rates to boost revenue. One of the primary ways you can optimize conversion rates is to use campaign targeting. Targeting ensures that the right people receive the offer and that they are directed to the landing page that is best suited for them.

Common examples of targeting are location (country-, region-, or city-level targeting), device, language, operating system (OS), and Internet Service Provider (ISP)/carrier. You can target any of these individually, but to substantially increase your chances of a consumer converting on the offer, it’s important to find ways to be more specific by layering these targeting capabilities.

For example, if you are advertising an app install for consumers across the globe, you likely have landing pages with unique messaging for the two major operating systems, Android and iOS, in conjunction with messaging that is unique to the major geographic regions you are promoting, such as North America, Central Europe, Asia Pacific, or others. In order to increase the conversion rate for this offer, you would set up targeting for each combination so that consumers using an Apple iOS device in North America are sent to landing page A and consumers using an Android iOS device in the Asia Pacific are sent to landing page B.


Leveraging campaign targeting in CAKE

With CAKE, you can use our Rules Targeting feature to layer multiple targeting requirements in conjunction with the Landing Pages and Offer Contracts features for robust management of traffic redirects. The combination of these three features will not only help you increase conversion rates by redirecting consumers to the appropriate landing page but will also help you manage payouts, caps, and affiliate pixels associated with the offer.

To learn more about Rules Targeting, Landing Pages, and Offer Contracts, and the use cases they support, please contact your Client Success Manager or visit our Knowledge Base. Or, visit our YouTube channel for a video walkthrough of Rules Targeting being applied to an Offer in CAKE.