CAKE enables a significant rise of 45.7% in client satisfaction and retention rates for leader in affiliate e-commerce business in India


GrabOn is a trusted brand and pioneer in India’s affiliate e-commerce industry. A market leader in the country’s coupons and deals space, the company is known for high-quality standards, a unique user interface, and seamless couponing experiences. Through its associations and strategic partnerships with more than 3,000 top brands, GrabOn helps users save on everything from fashion to travel, food, entertainment, home decor, health, and more. Additionally, the organization recently ventured into the Gift Cards space.

The driving force at the core of GrabOn’s operations is the strong desire to help every online shopper save more money every time they shop online by providing the latest coupons, offers, and deals.


Industry: e-commerce, coupons, and deals

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GrabOn had been using an affiliate tracking platform, but the organization realized a new solution was required to address key business issues that needed to be resolved. They were looking for a new solution to elevate its partner marketing campaigns across multiple channels, clients, and geographic locations.

In particular, the organization was aiming to:

  • Manage and measure campaigns across multiple digital marketing channels: The company was unable to identify conversions across various geo-locations and devices. This is critical for the performance-oriented organization, as it needs to provide clients the maximum ROI by targeting the correct users to corresponding cities.
  • Attribute sales to different sources and implement payout tiers within a single pixel. The India-based customer’s former Affiliate Software solution did not allow them to place multiple pixels within multiple payout tiers. Consequently, GrabOn lacked the clarity to properly attribute publisher payouts at the appropriate payout tier.
  • Address issues with campaign performance in real-time: GrabOn experienced issues such as timely payout integration in multiple formats, multiple pixel integration for tiered structured payouts, and more.

During the selection process, GrabOn evaluated options such as continuing to run its program on the same technology platform and proprietary dashboards. However, the decision was made to put its trust with CAKE.

“We have found that CAKE definitely delivers better performance than other platforms in terms of measuring and monitoring campaigns, plus accessibility, a new user interface, and the dedicated, 24/7 support,” said Sahil Singhani, VP of Affiliate Marketing at GrabOn. “Furthermore, pixel creation and integration is also much easier with CAKE.”

GrabOn has recorded better conversion rates enabled by the functional features of CAKE’s performance marketing software such as real-time and multiple-level monitoring and measurement. The platform also allows the organization to optimize the campaigns with a robust reporting system that enables them to easily identify the traffic source and medium of transactions. This helps maximize performance marketing campaigns and better meet clients’ requirements.

CAKE’s single, powerful software now empowers GrabOn to maintain all of the campaign-related documentation, including purchase, request, and insertion orders, as well as memorandums of understanding. Additionally, the platform’s capabilities enable GrabOn to track timely invoicing and payment follow ups to efficiently close and strengthen partnerships.

“After moving to CAKE, we have achieved a 45.7% spike in our client satisfaction and retention rates in the last eight months. This is made possible by the excellent reporting structure which helps us understand client needs more effectively.”

Sahil Singhani
VP Affiliate Marketing at GrabOn

Business Impact
  • Better conversion rates
  • Improved partner satisfaction
  • Higher retention rates
  • Stronger partnerships
  • Single platform to manage, measure, and optimize performance in real-time
  • Industry-leading reporting structure
  • Insights that better meets client requirements
  • Provide clients the maximum ROI by targeting the correct users to corresponding cities