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Surge Logics Boosts ROI by Integrating Its Lead Distribution and Affiliate Marketing Programs on a Single Platform – CAKE

Surge Logics

Based in Memphis, Surge Logics is a growing digital advertising agency that specializes in lead generation, landing page optimization, and marketing strategies. The company focuses on the legal industry (in the mass tort sector) and offers full-loop visibility into how leads perform with the end goal of providing higher quality leads for attorneys. Recently, the agency achieved record sales, with a 121 percent jump from February to March. And compared to March 2019, March 2020 was nine times better.

While already on an upward trajectory, Surge Logic’s successful lead distribution program was fueled by CAKE’s software that captures, validates, and distributes leads in real-time. The company chose to also measure and manage its affiliate program with CAKE, the only solution that offers lead distribution, affiliate management, and multichannel measurement on a single, centralized platform.

“By streamlining our affiliate and lead distribution programs on CAKE, we are armed with significantly better insights into campaign performance and the ability to maximize profitability,” said Carter Matzinger, President at Surge Logics. “This empowers us to provide our clients with the best leads at the best prices, helping them drive and expand their businesses.”

The business impact of Surge Logics deciding to streamline its lead distribution and affiliate management programs on a single platform, includes:

  • Improved ROI
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Increased efficiencies, saving valuable resources and time
  • Maximized profitability with intelligent lead monetization

“CAKE delivers clarity on data insights so we can now easily answer ‘what’s going on? It’s a lot more convenient to have one dashboard where we can see lead status, real-time campaign performance, unique commission structures, and more. With the API working with our CRM we have visibility into the full-loop, from when a lead enters CAKE to getting an update from our CRM after the lead has been called. Overall, CAKE helps us effectively manage, measure, and optimize campaigns that enable us to achieve our goal of providing high-quality leads to attorneys and maximizing profitability.”

– Carter Matzinger, President at Surge Logics

Interested in taking a more detailed look at how Surge Logics is successfully using the CAKE platform? Check out the full case study.