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CAKE Q3 Product Update: What’s New, What’s Next

CAKE Idea Portal Roadmap

Let’s take a look at the latest news about the CAKE Idea Portal!

Since Q2, over one third of CAKE clients are active participants in the customer community that collaborates on what’s next for the CAKE performance marketing software. The CAKE Idea Portal — which is where CAKE customers can share experiences, review customer feedback, and vote on ideas — is instrumental to the process of expanding our product features and capabilities.

The CAKE Idea Portal’s high client adoption rate allows us to better align our product roadmap with what matters, customer success. We made enhancements to the navigation of the Idea Portal itself, and pushed more of your ideas into being a part of the CAKE platform. Here’s a recap:


The CAKE Idea Portal: What’s new

  • Pinned ideas: A new area sits at the top of the Idea Portal where some of the most popular ideas and initiatives will be highlighted. Check them out and let us know what you think.
  • Initiative section: An additional section now exists for larger-scale upgrade ideas originating from the CAKE Product Innovation and Product Teams. For example, CAKE customers may vote and leave comments on the Enhanced Accounting initiative, which aims to provide a better overall accounting experience.
  • More unique ideas: More ideas and votes have been generated through the portal in Q2 than ever before. Now, clients can review, vote, and comment on 140 customer ideas.

The CAKE Platform

What’s new:

  • Vertical Filter in Leads by Affiliate Report:  An additional filter has been added in the Leads by Affiliate Report that allows clients to sort leads by a specific vertical. 
  • Advertiser Manager Filter and Account Manager Column: If you’re searching in the Offers Grid, which is a master grid for all of your Offers, you can now go into custom views and enable the advertiser manager filter plus the account manager column for more detail. 
  • User ID Token: We created a User ID token in the Affiliate Portal that can now be used in affiliate or third-party pixels. This will pass the value that you’re collecting in the u= parameter of the CAKE conversion pixel on to your affiliates.

What’s next:

  • Day Parting: This new CAKE feature will allow you to schedule an offer to have “peak” and “off peak” hours or days of the week where conversions are priced lower or higher than normal. This is a common practice in the finance vertical where weekends are priced lower than weekdays.
  • Search Conversions Report by Request ID: Coming soon, this provides the ability to search a specific conversion based on a specific click/session.
  • Sub ID Report (mobile): Through the iOS mobile app, users will soon have the ability to drill down by Sub ID in their reports, not just by campaign. 

We are pleased to invite all customers to the CAKE Idea Portal, to receive more of what you want and need from your performance marketing software. Contact your account manager or sign up here.

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