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Using CAKE for Conversion Tracking with Shopify


When you’re running an ecommerce campaign on Shopify, success hinges on accurate measurement. You need to accurately track conversions so you can pay out affiliates based on your agreed upon terms.

Whether you’re an affiliate network or an advertiser, follow these three best practices to integrate CAKE and Shopify tracking.


Use CAKE’s Dynamic Click Pixel to Track Sessions

The first step for ensuring accurate measurement with your Shopify campaign is to deploy CAKE’s Dynamic Click Pixel on your Shopify landing page. This gives you the most flexibility, allowing you to track consumers through either a tracking link or direct linking—whichever option is best for working with your affiliate partners.

Because media platforms like Google and Facebook often reject third-party tracking links, some affiliates will need to use direct linking. In other cases, an affiliate may opt to use a tracking link (or the network may choose to give their affiliate a tracking link) in order to have more flexibility and control in setting up caps, redirecting traffic, etc. When you use CAKE’s Dynamic Click Pixel, you can meet the needs of all of your affiliate partners, whether they’re using tracking links or direct linking.


Implement the CAKE JavaScript SDK Conversion Pixel

Second, deploy the CAKE JS SDK Conversion Pixel on the Shopify order checkout page. The JS SDK enables you to track conversions once a consumer has completed the checkout process. (Note that it works whether you are using direct linking or tracking links.)


Implement Shopify’s “Liquid Tags”

Shopify’s liquid tags (which are similar to CAKE tokens) help you maintain accurate tracking for revshare campaigns and provide you with more flexibility and accuracy in paying out commissions to affiliates. Shopify’s liquid tags dynamically pass conversion details—such as ‘order total’ or ‘order subtotal’ (whichever you agree upon with your advertiser) and the unique order ID of the transaction—to CAKE.


For detailed steps on how to follow these best practices, read our Knowledge Base article: How to Track Conversions in CAKE from your Shopify Account.

These best practices will give you the flexibility and transparency you need to accurately track Shopify campaigns, record revenue, and pay out affiliates—all with the goal to drive higher ROI.


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