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Figaro Digital Affiliate Seminar: What you may have missed!

Last week, CAKE’s European Managing Director, Paul Wright spoke at the Figaro Digital Affiliate Marketing seminar. Giving insight into how brands can use a combination of both in-house and outsourced network management techniques to get the most out of their affiliate marketing efforts. You can watch Paul’s presentation here.

The seminar gave some great insights into affiliate marketing from the affiliate experts listed below:

  • Aftab Aslam – Tradedoubler
  • Chantal Moore – Stream:20
  • Helen Southgate – Affilinet

The session covered the state of the affiliate marketing sector, and the future. Affiliate marketing first began in 1994, making it a well used area of the marketing mix. However, Helen Southgate raised some concerning points in her presentation around the current state of affiliate marketing. A recent report on active publishers calculated that there are only 12,000 active publishers as of 2014. A very low amount for an industry built on publisher relationships. As an industry, we need to have one-to-one publisher relationships but on a mass scale, a one-to-many relationship approach says, Helen.

The popular topic of the moment was also mentioned throughout the seminar Рmeasuring beyond the first and last click. Advertisers need to look at the entire consumer journey and reward all of the affiliates involved in the journey. This will help advertisers to manage their longtail, which advertisers should be switching their focus too. Another key point raised throughout the afternoon session, was the importance of treating your publishers like customers. Whether managing your top affiliates on a one-to-one relationship approach in-house, or through a network advertisers need to be communicating and treating their affiliates as customers. Using a good CRM system and having a strong relationship with your affiliates, means that you will be offering the right affiliate the right promotion, ultimately resulting in stronger conversion rates. After all, content, context and relevancy are all key to a successful sales conversion!

The top 3 take away stats!

  1. Consumers trust bloggers 3rd behind Family and Friends. This stat really hits home how important and influential a blogger can be in today’s society!
  2. Despite this phenomenal trust in bloggers, only 13% of consumers actually purchase from a blog affiliate link
  3. 52% of marketeers do not test their campaigns or content and instead rely on “instinct”

All in all, another great and informative session from Figaro Digital and we’re looking forward to the next one in September! If you want to know about the Importantance of centralised real-time insights for evaluating customer acquisition costs, sign up to the E-commerce seminar now!