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Discover What’s New in CAKE

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CAKE is packed with powerful features designed for you to remain competitive by freeing up operational hours, delivering key insights, and enhancing tracking and lead distribution processes. Here’s a recap of what’s new in CAKE!

Templates – Eliminate repetitive advertiser and offer setups 

CAKE’s Advertiser and Offer Templates save significant operational hours by enabling customers to select from a list of default and customizable templates. The advertiser and offer template feature gives customers the tools they need to quickly activate new advertisers and offers, eliminating repetitive tasks across the setup process. These templates are particularly valuable for complex offer setups involving rules targeting and attribution settings, that can easily be replicated after the initial configuration.

For instance, CAKE provides a default offer template that includes redirect parameters using tokens, which can seamlessly be passed to the advertiser on the redirect. This template is useful when a customer has multiple landing pages connected to a single offer and always wants to pass the same query string values (i.e., CAKE Request ID, CAKE Affiliate ID, etc.).

Discover the full capabilities of CAKE’s Advertiser and Offer Templates in the video below.

Learn how to set up advertiser and offer contracts in our Knowledge Base article here.

Advertiser Sub IDs – Gain powerful conversion insights 

CAKE Advertiser Sub IDs provide customers with granular conversion information that fuels campaign optimizations.

Gathering enough conversion information is a common pain point among performance marketers. Insufficient conversion insights make it difficult to determine an affiliate’s overall influence on conversions and to accurately reward them for driving high-quality conversions.

CAKE Advertiser Sub IDs enable customers to collect, track, and report on additional data from the advertiser on every conversion. CAKE provides 10 dynamic data fields (e.g., adv1, adv2, etc.) that can be extracted from the advertiser to reveal essential insights into user behavior surrounding a conversion. The additional data allows customers to effectively optimize campaigns, partner strategies, and affiliate payouts.

Explore how to automate granular data collection, enhance reporting insights, and strengthen affiliate relationships with CAKE Advertiser Sub IDs here.

Ready to set up advertiser Sub IDs? Head over to the Knowledge Base here.

Chromium Client Hints – Access privacy-friendly tracking 

We’ve adopted Client Hints in response to Chromium’s User-Agent Reduction. Chromium, the code for the Chrome browser and other browsers that leverage it, has implemented the User-Agent Reduction, which eliminates user-identifiable information from the User-Agent String.

This change affected tracking, measurement, and fraud detection. It also impacted CAKE’s Rules Targeting (on device and operating system on clicks), Session Regeneration (on clicks and conversions), and reporting.

Now, with Chromium Client Hints, developers can seamlessly access additional user information while respecting consumer privacy and ensuring tracking continuity. Furthermore, CAKE has integrated with the WURFL Database to retrieve additional insights into users’ devices, while simultaneously enhancing device lookup rules.

Learn more about how the implementation of Chromium’s Client Hints offers a privacy-friendly tracking experience for you here.

JSON support – Streamline the lead-submission process

The introduction of JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) Support enhances CAKE’s lead submission process and replaces conventional data formats such as XML. The outdated XML format lacks flexibility, presents integration challenges, and impacts the speed and efficiency of lead data transmission.

JSON is a method of formatting data before sending it from a server or webpage to an endpoint. In this scenario, JSON is used to format lead data before it is posted into CAKE.

CAKE’s JSON solution equips customers with a lightweight and easy way to read/write data interchange format that is widely adopted by most developers and highly flexible. JSON also fuels a more efficient and accurate lead-data submission process in a structured and simple format, while also enabling seamless integrations with other platforms and systems.

Learn how to Server Post a lead into CAKE using the JSON format here.

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