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Reveal Powerful Conversion Insights with Advertiser Sub IDs

Advertiser Sub IDs Bring Performance

The best types of conversions are those that reveal the most data about the detailed actions surrounding a conversion event. Yet, collecting enough conversion information is a common issue performance marketers often come up against.

This blindspot results in critical gaps in information required for identifying your affiliates’ impact on conversions and makes it difficult to properly reward affiliates for high-quality conversions.

CAKE Advertiser Sub IDs give customers the granular transaction-related information they need to optimize performance the way they want. Let’s explore what the CAKE Advertiser Sub IDs feature is, the advantages it offers customers, and how it works.

The Advertiser Sub IDs – What is it and the advantages

Customers use CAKE Advertiser Sub IDs to collect extensive data from advertisers that reveals powerful insights into user behavior surrounding conversions. This data is then leveraged to build high-performing campaigns, partner strategies, and payout optimizations that reward affiliates for delivering quality traffic.

CAKE Advertiser Sub IDs offer customers three key advantages:

Automated granular data collection
Simplify the process of gathering detailed conversion information, directly from your advertisers. This empowers users to make informed campaign optimizations.

Enhanced reporting insights
Access more comprehensive conversion reports, complete with detailed information on all conversion-related user actions.

Stronger partner relationships
Discover the value individual partners contribute to your business by tracking all conversion actions completed as a result of their marketing efforts. Then, refine marketing strategies to more effectively target the high-value audiences driven by your best affiliates while incentivizing them with higher payouts.

The Advertiser Sub IDs – How it works

To track conversions and receive additional advertiser sub IDs, customers must first place a pixel or a postback URL. CAKE permits a total of 10 dynamic data fields that can be pulled in from the advertiser. These are represented by the following fields: adv1, adv2, adv3, etc. When a conversion occurs, the advertiser fields appear in the conversion report for administrators and affiliates.

Here are a few examples of how customers across different verticals leverage CAKE’s adv1-adv10 fields to access additional conversion information from the advertiser:

Vertical: Travel

  • Adv1: Date of flight
  • Adv2: Origin of flight
  • Adv3: Date of return flight
  • Adv4: Destination of flight
  • Adv5: Airline name

Vertical: Forex

  • Adv1: Account type
  • Adv2: Type of trade
  • Adv3: Payment option used

Vertical: Ecommerce

  • Adv1: Product line purchased
  • Adv2: Payment on delivery or payment upfront

By automating the collection of all conversion data from the advertiser into CAKE, customers gain the flexibility to optimize performance in a variety of ways, including:

  • Shutting off partners or changing the status of an existing campaign.
  • Increasing payouts for partners all the way down to the sub ID level using Directed Campaigns.
  • Bringing on new partners.

The conversion insights you need to succeed — Let’s get started

CAKE Advertiser Sub IDs underscore our commitment to providing users with the tools necessary to stand out in today’s competitive landscape.

We invite you to get started. Explore our advertiser sub IDs knowledge base article here, or connect with our team directly.

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