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CAKE Powers Toluna’s Global Performance Marketing Program

Creating a successful affiliate marketing program is difficult enough when everyone is local and people share the same region. However, when a program spans across different geographies and currencies, it can be a challenge to coordinate all of the moving parts!

That was the case for Toluna, the world’s largest online market research panel and online survey software provider.

Prior to creating its affiliate network with CAKE, Toluna utilized its proprietary technology to generate tracking links to its worldwide network of partners. This was not an easy process and required time-consuming manual work to provide the details required for each unique partner. Nothing was automated and there was no platform for partners to log into to view their performance.

Step in CAKE.

CAKE has enabled the company to easily manage Toluna’s large database of international partners and affiliates, for tracking and reporting in real-time, as well as payments in global currencies.

“CAKE brought its industry knowledge to the table in full-force and provided us with a great solution,” said Sandy Casey Senior Vice President, Global Supply Acquisition at Toluna. “We did not possess the resources to build our own platform for which partners could login and access campaign URLs, creatives, payment details or real-time reporting. CAKE has proven to be an easy-to-navigate platform, with so many bells and whistles. We also now have access to granular reporting on a whole new level and are pleased that we can now track and report in various currencies. Since we are a global entity this is very important to us.”

Below are a few of the key benefits and takeaways of why Toluna decided to move forward with CAKE:

Business Impact

-Efficiently and effectively generate and manage traffic

-Supply clients with high-quality survey responses

-Created an automated process and platform for partners to log into


-Tracking and reporting in real-time

-Easy and accurate management of a large database of international partners and affiliates

-Payments in global currencies


To learn more, check out the entire case study here.