Global Advertiser Taps into CAKE’s Deep Industry Knowledge and Robust Digital Marketing SaaS Platform


Toluna is the world’s leading online Market Research panel and online survey software provider to the global Market Research industry.

Acquired in 2009 by Toluna, the ThinkAction Network further expands on its parent company’s mission of creating data products that help companies around the world become more profitable by leveraging customer data and advanced online survey technology.


Industry: Market Research

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ThinkAction is a uniquely positioned network that covers exclusive in-house offers to its affiliates. Through high-converting and competitively priced online survey and panel recruitment offers, ThinkAction is committed to increasing each of its affiliate’s bottom-lines and helping them accomplish customer- and revenue-generating goals.

Prior to creating its affiliate network with CAKE, Toluna utilized its proprietary technology to generate tracking links to its partners. This was not an easy process and required time-consuming manual work to provide the details required for each unique partner. Nothing was automated and there was no platform for partners to log into.

“We did not possess the resources to build our own platform for partners to login and access campaign URLs, creatives, payment details or real-time reporting,” said Sandy Casey, Senior Vice President, Global Supply Acquisition at Toluna.



Toluna has leveraged CAKE’s digital marketing SaaS-based platform to power the ThinkAction Affiliate Network by helping to drive the company’s growth. Toluna created ThinkAction as a centralized platform for its partners to promote market research-related initiatives and generate leads into survey offerings. CAKE has enabled the company to easily and accurately manage ThinkAction’s large database of international partners and affiliates, for tracking and reporting in real-time, as well as payments in global currencies.


“When we were approached by CAKE in 2012, we actually were not looking to replace our system. However, we were very pleased to learn more about CAKE’s functionality, customization, pricing and many other features that were obviously a much better solution for us than what we were currently working with,” said Casey.

“Utilizing the CAKE platform over the years has enabled us to generate and manage the traffic we need in order to fill our Market Research projects. These projects allow us to supply our clients with high-quality survey responses, which in turn, help them shape many products and services in the world around us.”


Sandy Casey
Senior Vice President, Global Supply Acquisition – Toluna


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Business Impact
  • Efficiently and effectively generate and manage traffic
  • Supply clients with high-quality survey responses
  • Created an automated process and platform for partners to log into
  • Tracking and reporting in real-time
  • Easy and accurate management of a large database of international partners and affiliates
  • Payment in global currencies
  • Advanced functionality and customization