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The Marketing Fingerprint

Much like how each individual has a distinct fingerprint intricately designed with unique codes of DNA, the same could be said for modern day consumers. While not a literal fingerprint, consumers are increasingly moving away from a one-size-fits-all buying behavior to a customized, tailored journey unique to their personal preferences and purchasing patterns. Consider this the Marketing fingerprint. With this highly-tailored journey, marketers are consequently facing many challenges in reaching these consumers. With the proper tools and insights in place, these challenges can easily be converted into opportunities to increase engagement with consumers and ultimately transform them into lifetime brand advocates.

Now more than ever, marketers want to know how their spend is performing at any given moment. As the digital ecosystem continually expands and consumer journeys are predominantly occurring online, marketers need to accurately attribute who deserves credit for a particular sale from a customer’s first touch to final purchase. Erik Charles, Senior Director of Product Marketing at CAKE and Bas Van Den Beld, Digital Strategist at Momentology recently conducted a live webinar navigating how modern marketing is combining tracking and analysis, with creativity and content to complete the consumers’ purchase path.

In particular, the session explored the following:

  1. How to create a digital multi-channel strategy
  2. Tips for attributing credit to the correct touch points along the consumer journey
  3. How to optimize the consumer journey from first click to repeat acquisitions with engaging content


To learn more about how to unearth the potential of the modern consumers’ journey, download the webinar today!