Marketing To The Modern Consumer

It's All About The Journey

Do you know how all of your ad spend is performing right NOW? What if you could view the digital multi-channel customer journey from first touch to final acquisition and improve your end user’s experience and ultimately lead to a sale? As the digital ecosystem continually expands and consumer journeys are predominantly occurring online, how do you accurately attribute who deserves credit for a particular sale from a customer’s first touch to purchase?  Discover how to build and implement a digital multi-channel strategy to effectively measure your customer’s online journey across multiple touchpoints to increase your digital ROI.

Experts from CAKE and Momentology discuss how to create an engaging multi-channel strategy utilizing creative content and real-time analytics. In this 50 minute session, you will learn:

– The effectiveness of creating a digital multi-channel strategy

– How to accurately attribute credit to the correct touchpoint along the consumer journey

– Valuable insights on building creative content to engage your consumers


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