Patient's Guide

Patient’s Guide Sees Surge in Delivery Speeds by +75%, Monetization per Lead by +50%, Reduces Client Onboarding Time by 400% with CAKE Implementation


Patient’s Guide is a leading performance marketing and lead generation network in healthcare. With more than two million monthly visitors and 20,000 connected patients monthly, Patient’s Guide helps medical practitioners, pharmaceutical and medical device companies reach their ideal customer at the opportune moment.

Patient's Guide

Industry: Health & Beauty

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As Patient’s Guide’s user base continues to steadily expand, it is imperative to have an automated process in place that will be able to keep up as the organization grows. Patient’s Guide’s lead generation program was partly programmatic, however, largely a manual process. From routing leads to accounting, this method required substantial human resources. In addition, after onboarding a client, Patient’s Guide required up to five days to build out code to connect its system to their API for lead transmission.



Since implementing CAKE as its primary marketing performance platform, Patient’s Guide has been driving advancements in time to value, improving the patient and client experience, as well as making strides to consistently match lead buyers with the sellers who deliver the best results. Now, the process is completely automated, accelerating delivery speeds by +75% and reducing client onboarding time by 400%. Its entire flow of business has been streamlined from the moment the lead is generated to the reporting dashboard, minimizing errors and providing greater capability to monetize each lead by +50%.

“The marketing platform has allowed us to streamline our process to deliver quality leads. As a result, we can focus on other vital aspects of our business – providing better service, dedicating more time to our clients and ultimately, increasing profitability. It’s hard to imagine working without CAKE.”

Jasson Gilmore
CEO – Patient’s Guide


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Business Impact
  • Improved patient and client experience
  • Greater capability to monetize each lead
  • Reduced cost and management time
  • Single-source dashboard view of all digital marketing campaign data
  • Simple to deploy and use
  • Excellent, responsive customer service team