Conversion Squared (C2)

CAKE gives lead generation provider the ability to track and attribute multiple touch points on the consumer’s path to a conversion.


C2 Media Corp is a global leading provider of business development and lead generation services. Founded by a team with expertise in diversified verticals covering dating, home services, education and healthcare sectors, C2 provides business development and lead generation services by managing an extensive, reliable and trusted network of Affiliates and Publishers worldwide.

Conversion Squared

Industry: Lead Generation

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After adopting several platforms to manage affiliate campaigns, the C2 team felt frustrated. The existing technology deployed did not deliver the in-depth functionality that the company needed, and inefficient manual processes — such as landing page hard coding — were still required, taking up many hours that could have been better spent elsewhere. The team at C2 sought an automated solution that would reduce their workload, increase efficiencies and be able to track multiple events within a single sales conversion.



C2 selected the CAKE platform because of its ability to automate and simplify many aspects of the affiliate campaign management process, as well as track multiple events along a consumer’s conversion journey. Specifically, C2 wanted to place a pixel on a series of events within the same campaign and attribute each step individually to quantify the performance of each contributor. CAKE’s unique Step Pixel feature offered a solution, allowing C2 to track multiple touch points along the path to a conversion in order to understand the impact of each and provide structured payouts to affiliates. Using this feature, C2 now has better insight into what’s working and what’s not, allowing them to isolate and fix problems without disrupting an entire campaign. They can also more easily identify and reward high performing affiliates.


“Other platforms wouldn’t allow us to scale without having to pay lots of money. CAKE has helped C2 grow our affiliate network, grow our client base, and manage our network more efficiently and effectively since day one.”

Ophir Laizerovich
President – Conversion Squared


With CAKE, C2 has been able to completely automate its tracking and payment process, removing the need to manually hardcode landing pages, which was necessary with the previous platforms the company was using. A process that used to take the C2 team four steps now takes just one. The greater transparency provided by the platform also shows C2 affiliates what step pixels are fired on, which allows them optimize their landing page. This increases C2’s performance credibility and strengthens its relationships with affiliates.

CAKE’s platform offers a fully customizable white-label environment through which C2 can run affiliate campaigns. The interface is extremely easy to use and saves the team more time than ever before. Less hours means less expenses and far greater returns.

Business Impact
  • Complete transparency into affiliate performance
  • Insight that enables structured affiliate payouts
  • Tighter control of affiliate relationships, improved ROI for clients
  • Manual campaign management steps replaced by automation
  • Ability to track multiple events in a single sales conversion
  • Automated features that reduce workload and increase efficiencies
  • Customizable, white-label solution
  • Intuitive, feature-rich and scalable