Purify Digital

CAKE Enables Direct Response Provider to Manage Publishers, Automate Processes and Track Results


Purify Digital is a direct response advertising provider offering a wide portfolio of digital media and performance marketing products that help businesses acquire users, drive greater brand awareness and increase campaign ROI. The company manages a large network of premium publishers offering both traditional display and mobile inventory, and operates an advanced technology platform for programmatic buying and RTB for all types of direct response digital campaigns.   

Purify Digital

Industry: Digital Advertising

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Purify Digital’s business depends on an ability to continually add new publishers to its direct response advertising network. To keep up with a large and rapidly growing volume of both partners and clients, the provider needed a flexible and robust technology platform to automate processes like the launch of offer codes and payouts, and to track the performance of multiple campaigns in real-time. Because Purify Digital focuses heavily on in-app and mobile web marketing, it also required a solution able to handle the unique challenges involved in cookie-less tracking, as well as an ability to integrate mobile insights with analytics captured from other digital marketing channels.    


“CAKE is a versatile solution that not only meets our need to track and optimize mobile traffic, but also enables us to capture and integrate insight on the performance of other marketing channels as our business evolves.”

Ran Berger

Managing Director, Purify Digital



Purify Digital selected CAKE for Networks to power its business because of the platform’s ability to track, attribute and optimize digital advertising spend across multiple marketing channels. Using CAKE, Purify Digital can automatically manage hundreds of publisher relationships and accurately measure their performance in real-time, even when several different publishers contribute to a single campaign. CAKE’s mobile features are especially useful, allowing the provider to keep tabs on mobile clicks and app installations, as well as post-install events such as sign-ins and purchases that reveal ongoing user engagement. Purify Digital can also use CAKE to analyze mobile performance by carrier, device and OS, and take advantage of CAKE’s Software Development Kit (SDK) to track mobile campaigns in parallel with other channels such as display, email and social. Because CAKE’s SaaS-model is easy to access and use, it provides a single view of digital advertising performance for a range of decision-makers at Purify Digital — including account managers, publisher coordinators, ad operations and finance personnel — so that they can work better together to help clients meet their campaign and ROI objectives.

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Business Impact
  • Accurate performance tracking of mobile and web-based traffic

  • Automated management of hundreds of publisher relationships

  • Enhanced decision making supported by real-time analytics and reporting

  • Mobile capabilities plus multi-channel tracking, attribution and analytics

  • Mobile capabilities plus multi-channel tracking, attribution and analytics

  • Fast-to-deploy; reliable, flexible and scalable to meet changing requirements

  • Excellent, responsive customer
    service team