Affiliate Marketing in India

Building Successful Performance Campaigns in a Rapidly Evolving, Mobile First Market

India will have 730 million users by 2020, catching up with (and possibly even surpassing) China as the largest and fastest growing user base in the world.

Unlike more established digital markets, India’s “Internet Revolution” is primarily mobile-driven, with many first-time users bypassing the PC and relying on smart phones as their primary conduit to the Internet. What does all of this mean for affiliate marketing companies operating in India? It means organizations need to be ready to take advantage of the opportunities presented by increasing numbers of digital consumers.

In this new whitepaper from CAKE, you will learn:

– Best practices for affiliate marketing in India’s mobile first landscape

– Challenges for affiliate marketers in India

– The value of advanced tracking technology

– How to stay one step ahead in a competitive market


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