Marketing To The Price Conscious Multi-Channel Shopper

Today’s retailers have to do their homework to market to the price-conscious shopper. With a host of online tools at their disposal – from product comparison and coupon sites to social forums and customer reviews – tech-savvy consumers will wait for just the right moment to click “buy.” This session will explore best practices for marketing to multi-channel shoppers who care about value, looking at how a range of tactics can be engaged with the ultimate goal of maximizing returns and customer lifetime value.

Experts from CAKE and Fluent share insights on how to deploy engaging multi-channel campaigns targeting shoppers based on value and savings. In this 50 minute session, you will learn:

– Tips for using coupons and email marketing to drive demand.

– How to deploy targeted mobile alerts to encourage both online and offline purchases.

– Strategies for email acquisition programs aimed at reeling in high lifetime value customers.

– Engagement strategies that target consumers based on their value and savings shopping habits.


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