CAKE gives U.K.-based performance marketing network greater insight and a competitive edge.


Monetise is a performance marketing network headquartered in the United Kingdom. The company provides online merchants with a cost-effective affiliate marketing service while maximizing affiliate revenue. Monetise specializes in providing lead generation and customized page submit offers.


Industry: Performance Marketing Network

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After launching in 2006 and growing steadily, Monetise wanted to find a technology platform that could help its team more effectively manage affiliates and the performance marketing campaigns running across the company’s network. Key considerations for Monetise included uptime guarantees as well as capabilities that would help it give clients greater control over their digital advertising spend.



Monetise chose CAKE because of the platform’s targeted campaign control and ability to serve as a central hub for tracking and analyzing multiple data points. With thousands of affiliates to manage, a simple-to-use, full-featured, one-stop solution was critical. By integrating its database with the CAKE platform, Monetise has gained access to sophisticated functionality that provides a wealth of benefits, including advanced insights about affiliate performance and traffic quality, automated monitoring of offer expirations and caps, and the ability to easily manage affiliate communication.



“Thanks to CAKE’s customizable alerts, tracking features and ease of use, we’re able to streamline campaign management and better manage our company’s growth. Our affiliates enjoy using the platform too.”

Ricky May
Senior Affiliate Manager – Monetise


Because of the highly customizable nature of the CAKE platform, Monetise is able to create campaign processes and apply rules and alerts based on the unique needs of each of its clients. For example, CAKE gives Monetise very granular control over all affiliate-driven traffic, allowing the network to set campaign caps based on specific monetary and volume-based metrics. All caps can be observed via CAKE’s real-time dashboard, and platform users are automatically sent alerts when caps are close to being reached, or when offers are due to expire. In addition, CAKE’s mass email tool makes outbound communication to Monetise’s affiliates quick and easy, so that either specific publisher categories or the entire network can be kept up to date on new offers. Multiple templates can be stored in the CAKE system and modified as needed to go out to as little or as many partners as necessary, saving time and resources. Most important of all, Monetise now has the real-time insight and analytics it needs to make the best decisions possible for its business.
Thanks to CAKE, Monetise is improving results for both its clients and partners, gaining a competitive edge as a top player in the U.K. for lead generation and performance marketing.

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Business Impact
  • Easier real-time management of affiliates and performance campaigns
  • Granular insights and powerful analytics giving Monetise a competitive edge
  • More efficient communication with affiliates and seamless campaign management


  • Customizable campaign management tools and real-time alerts
  • Central platform for targeted campaign control
  • More granular levels of insight into affiliate and campaign performance
  • Simple to use, easy to navigate