DMI Partners

Performance marketing agency improves results, reliability and professional credibility with CAKE.


DMI Partners is a full service performance-marketing agency that works across the media spectrum to deliver return on investment for a wide range of industries. From providing creative concepts to online media planning, DMI’s affiliate network, The CPA Café, drives customer conversions, profitability and business growth through innovative marketing strategies and effective digital platforms.

DMI Partners

Industry: Performance Marketing Agency

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DMI required a hosted performance marketing solution that invests heavily in infrastructure, feature innovation and product development. DMI also sought a solution that offered guaranteed 99.9 percent uptime and streamlined process workflows that would increase efficiencies and reduce costs.


“Switching to CAKE has had such a profound effect on our levels of performance, that our publishers have actually thanked us for making the move.”

Amy Smerdzinski
Network Manager – DMI



Since transitioning to CAKE’s SaaS-based tracking, attribution and optimization solution, DMI’s CPA Café has been able to considerably improve their performance credibility and significantly strengthen their client and publisher relationships. CAKE’s extremely simple user interface makes the daily management of affiliate campaigns easier and more efficient, streamlining reporting processes to deliver better results faster. CAKE’s card-based platform also removes the need for complicated multiple on-page screens, which can create confusion. Cards store important information that can be accessed quickly through one simple screen. CAKE has even enabled DMI clients to place pixels themselves, reducing the need for the company’s internal development resources to handle this task and shortening the time required to place and test pixels. Finally, CAKE’s transparent process of showing referrer URLs also gives DMI has far greater control over its network traffic.
With CAKE, DMI and its clients are benefiting from better performance, higher accuracy, reliable tracking and uptime guarantees.

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Business Impact
  • Better network performance and higher quality traffic
  • Increased efficiencies and reduced costs
  • Strengthened relationships with both clients and publishers
  • Simple and intuitive for easy management of campaigns
  • 99.9% uptime guaranteed
  • Compatible pixels, reducing need for internal development resources
  • 24/7 expert customer support