Revenue Ads

CAKE empowers online marketing agency and performance marketing network to boost traffic quality by 20 percent.


RevenueAds is a performance marketing network that specializes in Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA) Advertising. Working on a global scale, RevenueAds helps advertisers distribute their performance campaigns and gives its network of affiliates the tools and support they need to be successful.

Revenue Ads

Industry: Performance Marketing Network

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For any affiliate network, traffic quality is key to build and retain relationships with advertisers and to extend the network’s database of top-performing publishers. But improving traffic quality and maximizing ROI demands insight into the performance of each and every impression served. As a full scale online marketing agency and performance marketing network, RevenueAds sought a tracking platform that would help it manage affiliate campaigns at every level and gain more targeted control of network traffic. Key requirements for a solution included scalability, flexibility and innovative features.



RevenueAds chose the CAKE platform to manage and track all the performance campaigns running through its network. Using CAKE, RevenueAds has been able to improve the overall success rate of campaigns and the profitability of affiliates, which has strengthened relationships and garnered even more trust from its advertiser clients and publishers who have joined the network.


“Since making the switch to CAKE, we have been able to eliminate traffic that is not backing out. As a result, our traffic quality has increased and our advertiser relations have grown even stronger.”

Matt Stowe
President – RevenueAds


Most notably, RevenueAds is taking advantage of CAKE’s Quality Control Redirect feature to help maximize the quality of the traffic being funneled to performance campaigns. This feature allows Revenue Ads to redirect lower quality traffic to an alternate landing page, thus only providing high quality traffic the opportunity to convert. CAKE has not only been able to save Revenue Ads money by eliminating poor quality traffic — it has also increased its overall network credibility, resulting in a boost in ROI. Using its previous management and tracking platform, RevenueAds experienced a 10 percent misfire rate. With CAKE, the company is seeing significantly increased tracking accuracy and an improvement in quality of up to 20 percent.

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Business Impact
  • Boosted network traffic quality by 20 percent
  • Improved network credibility
  • Strengthened ROI for advertisers and increased profitability for affiliates
  • Reduced costs and improved business success
  • Central platform for targeted campaign control
  • Flexible, innovative features for tracking and managing campaign performance
  • Accurate, industry-trusted analytics
  • Simple to use, easy to navigate, scalable