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Technology for Marketing | Show Insights

On the 28th September CAKE attended the Technology for Marketing expo in London to discover what is new in the realm of MarTech. Overall, the general talk revolved around Artificial Intelligence (AI), social media advocacy and the importance of optimising social media throughout the two-day event.

Social Media Advocacy

CAKE recently launched an advocacy program on Influitive’s platform, which made the theme of advocacy all the more relevant and timely. It was interesting to learn what industry leaders recommend in establishing a successful advocacy program.

Advocacy has moved from a stage of simply wanting content to be shared by employees to achieving engagement at all levels. Speakers focused on the importance of consistency and keeping advocates sharing content. Which triggered the question, how do companies actually keep people engaged and focus on a consistent stream of content? These were the many questions raised by talks from Business Edge Technologies, Juniper Networks and Tremolo Software.

It is important to note that advocacy is not just something we should focus on with our employees, it should also include channel partners and of course clients. This means that content needs to be relevant and cover a wide variety of audiences. This, in turn, can be tricky. However, if it is executed correctly it can be highly effective. How do we achieve this? One solution is by making sure the content produced is shared in the spaces where people from your industry are talking and the debates are taking place.

Here are some other tips to help with social media advocacy:

  • Engagement – engage with already socially active advocates. This is much easier than trying to convince someone who is not fluent, or active, on platforms to take part.
  • Time Zones – position people in different time zones so your brand is always speaking in the spheres/debates you want to be a part of and are on hand 24/7 to support customers/prospects with queries.
  • Ease – sharing content needs to be easy! Make sure the platforms have “share now buttons”.
  • Content, content, content – these tips may be very helpful but useless if there is no content to be shared!

The Marketing Cloud All-Stars Debate

One notable keynote session held a debate with representatives from Salesforce, IBM, Oracle, Abode and Marketo.

They opened the session with the statistic that in the UK, 55% of people do not want to give data to marketers, as they don’t see the value in giving up their data. So how do we, as marketers, overcome this challenge?

Teamwork and Alignment

Marketing departments cannot be the only ones who change and create customer experiences. Marketers lead with the data, but it is vital to decipher what the data shows and therefore capitalise on it. The representative from Oracle emphasised the need for all teams to work together. This means that IT teams and data analysts need to work with marketing teams – in other words, break down the team silos.


Throughout the debate there was a focus on AI in everyday life. Within the MarTech industry brands feel they need to deliver this type of technology but they do not have the capabilities to do so. Therefore campaigns fail. Instead, there was a call to focus on people’s experiences, tailoring ads to individual users, capitalising on data and maximising retargeted ads. This way brands can talk to their consumers on their preferred channels – making the user experience smoother.

Overall the event provided a great opportunity to listen to the upcoming trends and concerns surrounding the MarTech industry. It also gave insights from industry leaders on how to maximise and run a successful advocate program, as this is something new we are exploring at CAKE. Ultimately, the keynote debates could not emphasise how important it is to produce interesting content, share said content on the correct channels and connect with your existing customers.