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Spotlight Q&A With Rocco Sarich, CAKE’s Senior Marketing Manager

Rocco Sarich

In this spotlight Q&A, we caught up with Rocco Sarich, CAKE’s Senior Marketing Manager. Rocco brings over a decade of experience, a passion for problem-solving, and a curiosity that empowers his creativity.

Here are some highlights from our conversation.


What is your current role at CAKE and what are you focused on?

I am the Senior Marketing Manager at CAKE. In a nutshell I create, execute, and oversee the implementation of our overall marketing strategy, including campaigns, events, digital marketing (SEM and SEO), content marketing, and public relations. I also develop full-funnel marketing strategies that drive new business opportunities and fuel customer retention.


Can you share more about your journey into marketing?

I would say my journey into marketing was more of a stumble. I’ve always been passionate about the strategic aspects of marketing, however, in my former roles I was focused on the technology and sales operations side. At the same time, I still had a heavy influence on the marketing strategy as well. The combination of technology, sales, and strategy enables me to seamlessly adapt to the constantly evolving marketing industry.


What are two big shifts taking place in digital marketing in 2022?

There are two major changes that I am watching closely. The first is cryptocurrency and the impact blockchain technology will have on the digital marketing world. Specifically how cryptocurrency will change digital platforms that leverage real-time bidding.

Second, as third-party cookies are phased out by browsers responding to the need for enhanced consumer privacy and security, it will be interesting to see how marketers navigate this new arena. This is one of the biggest changes taking place that directly impacts digital marketing measurement and optimization. Fortunately, there is a way for accurate measurement and consumer privacy to coexist.


Outside of work, what are you passionate about?

I’m most passionate about my family, including my wife, three dogs, and of course my incredible immediate and extended family. I couldn’t imagine life without their support and I am grateful for any opportunity we have to spend time together. I’m a huge Disney buff and love heading to the park with my wife, even if it’s just for their caramel apples (which we get everytime we go). Big Bear is another special place for me as we enjoy wakeboarding and all the summer activities that come with it.


If you could offer one piece of advice to someone looking to get started in digital marketing, what would it be?

It really depends on the individual role, however, I would say don’t try to take on the world right out of the gate. Before you dive in, take the time to learn all of the ins and outs of your company and its needs. Identify the areas of improvement, and shoot for small wins. For example, identify your lead sources and their value to the company. Understanding your sales team’s pipeline and lead conversion ratios will enable you to better assist the sales team with quality opportunities. Of course it always helps to plan, execute, and properly analyze all results for future optimizations.


What is one thing people don’t know about you?

Well, I’m a pretty big nerd and love to work with technology. I’ve been building my own computers (including those for my family and friends) since I was in high school. I really just love the challenge of learning how things operate. Growing up, I used to deconstruct our household tech devices and remote control cars just to see how they worked. Well they usually did not work after I got my hands on them, but my curiosity and love for technology definitely flourished, and I eventually learned how to put them all back together again.


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