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Podcast: Lead Distribution Trends and the Growth Potential For the UK Market

Lead Generation World

CAKE’s Technical Director, Ben Cockburn, was recently featured in a Lead Generation World podcast to discuss an important topic – lead distribution. The host, Michael Ferree, is a performance marketing leader with more than a decade of experience as a lead generator, lead buyer, and now the founder of Lead Generation World (LGW). LGW is a home to the lead generation community with global conferences, networking opportunities, jobs, and more. During the podcast, Michael and Ben dove into best practices, trends, and insights regarding the state of the lead distribution industry in the UK, as well as the growth opportunity available to performance marketers.

They also shared best practices around the following topics:

  • Evolving consumer privacy changes including browser updates and how marketers can stay one step ahead to maintain accurate tracking
  • How to leverage affiliate marketing to generate quality leads, plus tips to efficiently distribute leads to buyers
  • Innovative and creative methods to make money with lead distribution, while following guidelines and having transparency with partners
  • Why automated lead distribution software is essential to find the best buyer for each lead to ultimately earn the highest profit
  • How to get the most revenue out of leads generated, including:
    • Using upsells on the initial lead capture to promote similar offers
    • The importance of lead response time and real-time reporting
    • Advanced lead selling methods such as Ping Post, how it differs from the standard lead selling process, and when to use this method
    • Various lead distribution and lead selling models, like multi-sell and exclusive sell
  • The pros and cons of using a SaaS solution, versus building an in-house lead distribution system

View the full podcast on Youtube, Spotify, or Apple.


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