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It’s That Time of Year Again: Using Voucher Codes to Drive Holiday Sales, Part 2

Retailers know that the holidays are the most important time of the year for their business, but many may not realize just how great a role voucher codes can play in driving sales during the holidays. Now is the perfect time to launch an effective holiday voucher code campaign. Here are quite a few sure-fire ways for retailers to grab consumer attention with holiday voucher code ads.

  • Timing is Key – One of the most successful ways is to drive urgency by restricting the offer to a set time frame. This time frame can vary based on each retailer’s products and audience. As with all campaigns, monitoring results is the best way to refine the length of timed offers.
  • Keep it Short and Simple – Another way to help ensure a quick click is to use a voucher code that is short and easy to remember. Site visitors are more apt to click on ads with short codes that they can remember at check out. Additionally, easy to remember voucher codes are easy to share. There are a number of popular voucher code sites where codes can be posted, helping drive sales through word-of-mouth and the large number of consumers that search online for voucher codes before making purchases.
  • Designing an Effective Ad – How a voucher code ad is structured is also important in getting consumers to click quickly. Ads should have a prominent company logo to build credibility, a value position clearly stating the offer and a strong call to action. Retailers should create a simple design with text that is instantly readable and a defined outer frame. A clean, simple ad that is easy to understand will yield the best results.

The National Retail Institute reports that 33% of retail sales occur during the months of November and December. Not only does this mean that retailers have just two short months to make nearly a third of their sales, it also means that a third of the chance to create brand awareness and build customer loyalty occurs during that time. Many consumers that find great holiday shopping deals with retailers return to those retailers throughout the rest of the year. A carefully planned and executed holiday voucher code strategy can help win life-long customers.